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    Learn These Baking Jargons To Sound Like A Professional

    Love baking but don't know what most of the terminologies mean? This article will help you!
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    Updated at - 2021-07-14,14:11 IST
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    When it comes to baking, we all love to eat delicious cakes and cookies. Even though most of us have also lately started to indulge more in baking due to the pandemic, we still consider ourselves to be amateurs. While you all have a lot of time to learn how to bake perfectly, we don’t want you to be deemed as a newcomer in the world of baking. As you know, we only wish the best for you and we wish for you to be interpreted as someone who is a baking pro! That is only going to happen if you use these terminologies correctly while talking about baking to someone, especially to those who are professionals! Apart from being able to boast, this article is also going to help you have actual conversations about baking instead of just nodding your head when someone else talks. So, here are five baking terminologies that you must be aware of! 


    folding cakes one

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    You would have watched a lot of videos on youtube where they would give you various instructions to perfectly bake a cake. A term that you would have most certainly heard is ‘folding’. What folding really requires you to do is gently combine all your ingredients together. The word ‘gently’ is the key here. You generally do this when you are combining your dry and wet ingredients. At this stage, you do not use a whisk but a spatula instead. You must not overmix here because then you will cause all the air to escape in your batter and you will get a dense cake. 

    Chocolate Ganache

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    Ganache is most commonly used when we talk about decorating a cake. Pronounced as ‘geh-nash’ this is a mixture of chocolate and cream. Sometimes even butter is used in making a ganache. The consistency of this rich chocolate mixture is not as thin as chocolate syrup and not as thick as the cake batter. The consistency is similar to that of peanut butter(read about a substitute for peanut butter). It is used to spread across the cake to decorate it. One tip for making a chocolate cake is that you must never restrict yourself to applying the ganache only at the top of the cake. Cut the cake into two equal parts and apply the ganache in the center as well. Then combine both the cakes. 

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    Do not get tricked by the name, this term does not mean applying cream to the cake. Instead, it is the step when you have to mix sugar and butter together. Unlike folding, here you have to mix the two ingredients rigorously, preferably with an electric whisk. The end product of this should be a fluffy and white semi-solid mixture. This is usually the first step while making cookies. However, one tip that we feel is essential to give you is that while mixing butter and sugar together, make sure you have first fold the sugar into the softened butter. If you mix directly, the sugar will blow on your face!

    Egg Wash 

    This is a term that is used while making pies and crusty pastry dishes. Egg wash is nothing but egg whisked with a little bit of milk till a well-combined smoot liquid is prepared. In some cases, egg wash is also made with egg and water. Egg wash is generally brushed on the edges of the items to seal them or on the crust before putting it in the oven to bake so it comes out as more crispy and golden.

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    Confectioner’s Sugar

    icing sugar for baking one

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    Do not get intimidated by the name, a confectioner’s sugar is nothing but finely ground sugar. It is synonymous to icing sugar or powdered sugar. It is generally used to sprinkle on top of cookies or even in cake batters. It is also sometimes called 10X sugar referring to how fine it is. Even for baking a cake, instead of using normal sugar, it is recommended to use confectioner’s sugar because sometimes when you bake the sugar granules do not melt and give an unwanted crunch to the cake.

    We hope you found this guide helpful and can now use all these terms confidently! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content. 

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