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    5 Drool-worthy Dishes Perfect For Your New Year’s Eve Party

    With New Year’s Eve right around the corner. We’ve got the perfect quick recipes you can DIY to be party ready.
    Updated at - 2022-12-29,15:06 IST

    New Year’s Eve is literally knocking on our doors. The season calls for all things warm, fuzzy, and pretty, right in sync with the holiday vibes. We can feel the excitement of the upcoming year in our bones right now. 

    The season is in full swing and we’re loving it! And what comes with the OG New Year vibes are cray cray parties. Bringing in the brand spanking new year with a bang is an absolute must and what goes with it is a lineup of tasty treats we can drool over. 

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    After all, food rings a binge-worthy bell with everyone at a party and a delish recipe is something that peoples’ taste buds won’t forget. If you’re lucky enough, your family, friends and guests will develop a sense of nostalgia about your delicacies and you will be remembered until the next New Year’s eve. Here’s what you can serve up:

    The Oh-So-Yummy Cheese Plattercheese

    A cheese platter is something that one can’t ever go wrong with. Just place a bunch of delish assortment of cheese, like feta, ricotta, parmesan, gouda and more, on a platter. Add some creamy dips and chips – including nachos, pita bread, and bread sticks as well as sour cream, hung curd, sriracha, etc. And voila! You’re good to go with the party nibbles.

    The Scrumptious Spaghetti Al Dentepasta

    A perfect pasta dish is a no-brainer when it comes to top notch party spread. It is all the more appropriate when we’re talking about New Year party dishes that will give us the ultimate comfort. Be it aglio e olio, arrabiata or alfredo, an OG spaghetti in any sauce (or sans it) topped with the perfect veggies or meat will be a delight.

    The Big Bold Burger Sliderssliders

    Burger sliders are also the perfect choice when it comes to a party. They are easy to make, pick, and eat while you’re drinking and dancing away. Add a mouth-watering  meat or mushroom patty to cater to the carnivores or veggie buffs. And there we are, perfection attainted!

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    The Juicy Lucy Tacostacos

    Add a huge bunch of juicy tacos oozing with sauces and veggies, beans, meat, and salad to your party menu to make it a hit. Add chicken for the meat lovers, and paneer, mushrooms or kidney beans for the vegetarians. And the perfect party snack is ready!

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    The Comforting Cupcakecupcake

    One can never go wrong with cake. Cake and celebrations go hand in hand and there can never be a party without cake. Cupcakes have been all the rage for a few years and for all the right reasons. Pick a berry (raspberry, blueberry, or strawberry), chocolate or go with a classic vanilla and brava! The party menu is all set.











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