Most of us love chocolates. Be it dark, white, milk, flavoured with hazelnut, cranberry, orange, nuts, chillies... the options are limitless today. But the question is how do you eat them? Some love to have it nice and cold and hate the idea of a melted chocolate. Someone like me like it a little towards the melting point. I know people who even prefer their chocolates frozen so that they can hear that breaking sound. But what the famous much-loved chocolate brand revealed is very surprising. According to them most of us have been having their chocolates the wrong way since our childhood when the Rs 5 chocolates had cars made in the middle. Here is what they revealed.

Whether it is bite or a big massive bar of sheer sweet love in the form of chocolate, it is a sin we don't mind caving into every few days. Every festive season like Diwali or Christmas, we get chocolates and gift them in hampers. Quickly we take them out "taaki pighal na jaay" and place them in a secret compartment in the refrigerator away from the predatory eyes of rest of the household. But dear chocolate lovers, you have been doing it all wrong since childhood!

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Cadbury brand made a remarkable revelation after decades which we wonder why, that there is a certain temperature at which the chocolates should be stored and eaten a certain way. 

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Posting on Twitter, Cadbury said: "Chocolate should always be stored in a slightly cool, dry, dark place such as cupboard or pantry at temperatures less than 21°C to ensure the quality isn’t compromised."

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According to Nadege Piller, of the Swiss La Maison Cailler, as told to National Geographic, she too stressed in an interview that they do not smell the chocolate before popping it in their mouth. It is in fact similar to tasting and smelling. 

She also gave a few tips on how a chocolate should be had. 

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Piller told National Geographic: "Begin by snapping the chocolate in half. Inhale and ponder the aromas you can sense: cocoa, vanilla, smoke, malt, etc. Let the first bite be small to “warm-up” the tongue, which can taste only sweet, sour, salty, bitter. Some chocolates can hit all four tastes. The second bite is the one that counts. Suck on the chocolate and feel how it melts, sense the texture (grainy or smooth?).

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"Is it sweet or dry? Don’t rush on to the next bit. Enjoy the aftertaste—good chocolate will offer new and subtle flavors after a few seconds. Whether eating truffles or bars, always start with softer flavors and move slowly up to stronger varieties. Don’t ever eat more than four or five different kinds of chocolate at a time."

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"You will overwhelm your sense of taste and ruin the experience. For very rich chocolates or truffles, don’t taste more than two in one sitting. Cleanse your palate with water before and in between each new variety that you taste (not in between bites)," she added.

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