While the lockdown is constantly being applied and removed, the one thing that we have just not been able to go to is the waterparks. Oh, what fun it was to just jump into the water and take those adventurous high rides that throw us from the unexpected heights right into the pool! Weren’t these days the best days of our life?

However, let us be hopeful! Let us have the courage to dream that one fine day, sooner or later, things will get back to normal and we will once again be able to go to these waterparks and have the time of our lives!

On that note, we have listed out for you five water parks across the country that you absolutely must visit when the pandemic is over!

Nicco Park, Kolkata

nicco park kolkata

Image Credit: d3gw4aml0lneeh.cloudfront

An amusement part with a combination of dry and wet rides, this waterpark will leave you tired and tanned by the end of the day! The water rides, the water disco, and different types of pool at this waterpark are going to make you want to get in here every holiday! There are quite a few food outlets inside the arena to make sure you get your dose of energy! 

Water Kingdom, Mumbai

waterkingdom mumbai

Image Credit: mumbaitourism

The reason this is on our list is that it is Asia’s largest theme-based waterpark! However, the acres that it is spread in is not the only exciting part about this waterpark! This is the perfect spot to spend the weekend with your family, enjoy the rides, experience the thrill, face the adrenaline rush of high-speed slides, and have the best time!

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Wonderla, Bengaluru

wonderla bengaluru waterpark

Image Credit: fabhotels

In this city of startups and traffic, Wonderla is a break that is much needed for everyone in here! It is like a toy town situated far from the busy city life, an amusement park that will certainly amuse you! With the widest variety of water rides, this park has some rides that will leave you giggling with joy while some will surely leave you making death wishes. 

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Oysters, Gurugram

oysters gurugram waterpark

Image Credit: curlytales

A waterpark that is spread up to one million square feet! The theme of this entire water park is that of a beach. It has a total of 15 water rides all of which are extremely unique. Not only are these rides wild, but Oyster hosts THE NATION’S WILDEST WATER RIDE! No wonder it is so popular among the people living there! 

Ocean Park, Hyderabad 

This park is divided into two, one for the amusement park and the other half for water activities! It also offers hotel facilities where the visitors can crash for the night after a fun-filled and tiring day at the water park! Ocean Park is famous all over India for its rides that are definitely out of the ordinary!

We hope you enjoyed reading this article and are looking forward to visiting these waterparks! If you wish to read more such articles, stay tuned to HerZindagi!