Bethlehem the town which is believed to be the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ, sees a grand celebration of Christmas every year, well that's what is expected of this town anyways and gladly, the celebrations here are magically marvellous. Much more beautiful than any other place in the entire world because the celebration lasts for not one day but almost a month. Yes, that right. Bethlehem is home to people of many different Christian denominations such as the Catholics, protestants, Ethiopians, Armenians, Greek Orthodoxes, etc. And all these have their own beliefs and own days of Christmas. 

The Catholics and protestants celebrate Christmas on 25th December, the orthodox Christians celebrate it on 6th January whereas Armenians celebrate it on the 18th of January. Therefore the Christmas celebrations in this town are super diverse and intriguing, let's take a look at all the details.

The Beginning Of The Celebrations


The official celebrations begin on the 24th of December. As the Church services start taking place from this day onwards for Roman Catholics while the Protestants have different processions for the services. The others visit the local churches for the midnight masses and carry out short excursions to the Shepherd fields or the Church of Nativity. 


The major highlight of the celebration is the Christmas procession that involves holding a candle/cross and walking to through the Manger Square (the birthplace of Jesus according to Christians). Thousands and thousands of tourists flock to this town to witness this grand procession every year.

The Church Of Nativity And The Celebrations


The Church of Nativity is the most renowned church in the town. The place where it is located is deemed to be the spot where Jesus is believed to have been born and naturally the Church is considered very holy and important for Christians. Right from Christmas eve the beautiful celebrations are carried out till the 18th of January and people take part in parades, dances and sing Christmas carols to rejoice in this festival. Massive gatherings are seen in the Manger Square as pilgrims from all across the globe come here to witness the magic of Christmas in Bethlehem.


In addition to that, post-sunset the entire town is lit up with beautiful decorations and intricately decorated Christmas trees. Plays and skits are also organized by different churches across the town and the markets are all full of astounding Christmas gifts and dishes that complete your festival(some Christmas recipes to try). Given the increasing popularity of Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem, more and more tourists are inclined towards spending their Christmas holidays in this mesmerising town of Lord Jesus Christ.

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Why Should You Travel To Bethlehem During Christmas


Bethelem is the perfect spot from a traveller’s point of view as well. It has a variety of places to see and do plus, it also boats a rich and diverse history and cultural significance with very unique weather throughout the year. People often get confused as to where Bethlehem actually is, so let us tell you that this town is situated on the West Bank within the territories of Palestine.


It is a very safe and secure town and generally is crowded by pilgrims. Further, talking about visiting the place during the Pandemic, we would definitely advise you to take all the necessary precautions while travelling(places to visit in India during Christmas) as this place is heavily crowded and social distancing could be a challenge during the festival. But referring to reports and data, the town has not been highlighted with any alarming health concern.

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