The organic skin care products market is growing by the day and a number of Indian brands have sprung up which are selling 100% organic goods. Free of chemicals, many individuals have left their jobs to do organic farming as well. Looking at the tipping scales, some brands have also come up with organic makeup which is made of pure plant-based oils and preservatives and extracts. There are a number of benefits one can reap by switching to these and itching some of the most popular brands that sell coloured chemicals in pretty boxes. 

Skin Health

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Our skin has pores due to which it soaks in everything that it is applied to it. This is why we are asked by experts to layer a moisturiser, a toner,  a sunscreen and other layers so that our skin is protected. Same goes for organic makeup. These products are not harsh and do not even clog the pores, letting our skin breathe. Harmful chemicals present in non-organic makeup tend to react slowly and even speed the process of ageing especially if you are a makeup junky. The pH level of our skin remains intact thanks to the organic products.

Environmental Friendly

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Now when we dispose of expired beauty products or wash them off or wipe them off and throw away the cotton, ever wondered what the chemical-laden solutions do next? The organic products that we use are in fact made of natural ingredients which only add to mother nature even when thrown. They keep the soil fertile and make sure that the products you use are packaged in reusable and recyclable jars and tubes so that it all can be processed again and helps in restoring the quality of the soil.

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The Ingredients List

No sulphates, lead or parabens should be present in whatever goes in and on your skin. Any chemical ingredient is harmful even if it is a slow process. Most of the organic beauty products are composed using medicinal leaves, fruits, roots and vegetables, which keep the skin soft and supple. The makeup made using chemicals, is nothing but a spoiler for the outer layer of the skin. This can even lead to itching and irritation.  

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I spoke to a brand that has a whole range of organic makeup called "Rang De". Sujit Jain, Founder and MD, Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd, told HerZindagi that organic makeup should typically be non-toxic, non-irritating, refreshing and nourishing and that is what his brand strives for.

The brand uses "entirely herbal, using organic pigments."

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He said: "Organic & herbal cosmetics are quite safe for skin, even if used every day. The makeup made here contains a natural blend of jojoba oil, baobab oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, almond oil, vitamins, and desi ghee. It's anti-clog, non-comedogenic and has skin-friendly properties."

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These properties and benefits are precisely why we should invest in upgrading our vanity with organic makeup and do our own skin a favour. 

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