Plucking out unwanted hair from your body with a tweezer might be tempting because who wants random hair on their body, however, it isn’t the best option. For many of us, tweezers can be a lifesaver, especially during the current pandemic when it isn’t safe to go to a beauty parlour to get rid of all the unwanted hair.

No matter how easy it is to pluck those hairs using a tweezer, it can have some harmful effects. So, here are some of the areas on your body where you should never use a tweezer.

Grey Hair

grey hair don't use tweezer

Grey hair can be extremely disturbing and can give you a strong urge to pluck them out but you should control yourself. You might think about what harm it can do to pull out grey hair once in a while, however, doing this repeatedly can cause trauma for your hair follicles and will lead to your worst nightmare, bald patches. If you still have the urge to get rid of it, then trim it using a pair of scissors.


Hair around those moles can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, thus, the need of plucking it out. However, it is not an option to use a tweezer as this can worsen the pain by causing inflammation and injuries.

To get rid of those hairs, you can opt for less painful methods such as laser treatment or scissors as these are proven to be much safer because they don’t cause any injury or inflammation.


Well yes, you are not the only one who has that nipple hair. No matter how disgusting it might feel, you shouldn’t pluck it because the skin around your nipples is very tender, and plucking hair with the help of tweezers will not just cause irritation in the area but also damage your hair follicles.


Stopping yourself from plucking those hair growing around the pimples can be even more difficult than stopping yourself from popping that pimple. No matter how difficult it is, you still have to control the urge as it can result in infectious breakout and can cause even more pimples around that area due to the spread of pus which might also lead to permanent scarring.

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eyebrow don't use tweezer

It can be heartbreaking to know that the most common place where you used a tweezer isn’t safe but it is absolutely true. There is no problem in using it rarely for emergencies but using it on a regular basis can damage your hair follicles and might make it difficult to grow your hair back. Instead, go for safer options like threading or waxing to get your eyebrows in shape.

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Pubic Hair

As pubic hair (tips on shaving bikini hair) is thick and coarse, therefore, plucking that hair can be extremely painful and impractical at the same time. Apart from this, the skin in this region is extremely sensitive, and using a tweezer might cause irritation or redness.

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Although plucking your underarm hair can be less painful than waxing but it should be avoided at all costs because using a tweezer on thick hair can be damaging and might result in ingrown hair. Instead of plucking out this hair, go for other options like waxing or shaving.

Whichever hair removal method you use, it is your personal choice but try to stay away from tweezers as they can be harmful. For more such stories, stay tuned to HerZindagi!