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Top Vanilla Scented Perfumes For You To Try

Here is a carefully curated list of vanilla scented perfumes that you can try.
Published -01 Jul 2022, 17:30 ISTUpdated -01 Jul 2022, 17:45 IST
vanilla perfume main

Vanilla scent might sound too-sweet or something that looks good on a cupcake but trust me, the sweet and sugary smell will instantly cheer you up and make you feel refreshed, you just need to find the right one. 

Here is a carefully curated list of vanilla scented perfumes that have gained positive reviews. 

Victoria’s Secret Bare Vanilla Mist

victoria secret vanilla perfume

Refreshing and cool, this vanilla scented mist comes in a small bottle and is the perfect way to complete your look. The mist has a sweet smell of vanilla and lasts upto 4-6 hours. 

Price: ₹1999

The Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist 

Made with 96 percent natural ingredients, this body mist will make you feel refreshed instantly.  The vegan fragrant mist comes in a recyclable package which is good for the environment. 

Price: ₹718

Body Cupid Vanilla Body Mist

body cupid vanilla perfume

This fruity mist lifts up your mood and refreshes your mood. This is long lasting body mist that can be sprayed directly on the skin multiple times a day. The small size of the bottle also makes it travel-friendly. 

Price: ₹218

Kayali Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21

The number 21 denotes that this long lasting perfume has had 21 rounds of formula modifications which resulted in the creation of this fragrance. 

Price: ₹2400

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Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mist

bath and body works vanilla perfume

A blend of vanilla, white orchid and sparkling sugar, this mist is long lasting. The dermatologist-tested and conditioning mist nourishes the skin and keeps you refreshed all day long. 

Price: ₹699

Gardenia & Vanilla Eau De Toilette

Vanilla combined with sweet and flowery gardenia, grapefruit and sandalwood resulted in the creation of this charming scent. You can spray it directly on your body or cloth. 

Price: ₹1299

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Plum Bodylovin' Vanilla Vibes Eau De Parfum

plum vanilla perfume

It is claimed that this perfume stays on for more than 10 hours making it long lasting. The small and pocket-friendly packaging is perfect for travel. The best part is that this perfume is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and judgement-free. 

Price: ₹295

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