These Easy Tricks Will Make Your Perfume Last Longer On You

Perfumes can make you feel fresher and more confident.

Lakshita Singh
how to make perfume last

Perfumes are a pleasant way to keep bad odours at bay. Including them in your attire can help you draw a vivid picture of your character. That is why, selecting a pleasant fragrance perfume becomes a necessity.

I enjoy using perfumes and never leave the house without putting one on, especially when attending significant events such as the office or parties. Irrespective of the dress code, perfumes are always a wonderful +1.

However, I am aware of the issue with the scent wearing off quickly and not staying on for long periods of time. I found this difficulty to be really annoying, but only until I discovered the solution, which I will share with you.

Here are some brilliant ideas for extending the life of your perfume:

1. Apply To Pulse Points

perfume on pulse point for longer smell

The trick to making your perfume last longer is to strategize. If you believe that slathering a tonne of perfume all over your body will do the trick, you may be mistaken. Instead, delicately spritz the perfume on your wrists and pulse points.

Pulse points that are located on your wrist are warm because of closeness to the blood pumps near the skin’s surface, which make these areas an ideal spot to apply perfume.

Behind the ears, near the bottom of the throat, inside the elbow, and behind the knees are some other pulse points on the body where you can spray the perfume to make them stay longer.

Your midriff is also a fantastic spot to spray as it's warm and central, allowing the scent to permeate throughout your body.

2. Spray Or Dab Onto Bare Skin

Spraying perfume on clothes can mask the scent of your ideal scent. When perfume is able to blend with your body's natural oils, it smells the nicest and lasts the longest. Direct application of scents to the skin, particularly on the pulse points, makes a person more noticeable and engaging.

3. Apply Right After Taking Bath

perfume after shower

Applying perfume right after taking a shower is the best time to spray. Just after taking shower, water droplets will lock in the scent particles and soak them into your skin.

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4. Don't Rub

dont rub perfume

Many people have the habit of rubbing perfume into their skin right after spraying it. Most of them believe that by doing so, they may warm the skin and spread the scent. However, it's possible that it won't work. Rather, this weakens the scent by breaking down the structure of the perfume.

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5. Regular Touch Up

Regular touch-ups can keep you fresh and fragrant throughout the day, but you don't have to take the perfume bottle with you everywhere you go. Instead, keep some perfume-sprayed cotton buds in your handbag or carry bag. Take one out whenever you need a touch-up and smooth it over your pulse spots.

Go ahead and show off your style everywhere you go. I hope you found these tips helpful. Share your thoughts with us by commenting on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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