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How To Moisturise Your Skin According To Your Skin Type

For women with oily skin, using a non-comedeogenic moisturiser is extremely important. 
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -25 May 2022, 18:16 ISTUpdated -25 May 2022, 18:47 IST
hydrating skin

There are various aspects to consider when selecting the best moisturiser for one's skin. Weather, lifestyle, diet, medication, certain medical or dermatological disorders, hormones, skin care regimen, and most importantly skin type. These play an important role in determining which moisturiser is ideal for you. What you use to hydrate your skin should also be tailored to your needs. In choosing the correct moisturiser, the cosmesis of the product according to individual preferences is also vital. Trial and error is beneficial!

Moisturiser For Dry Skin

moisturiser for skin

Dry skin, dry and cold weather, low humidity, sensitive skin, and the use of strong cleaners, all of which dry out the skin, necessitate reapplying the moisturiser twice or three times a day. The dosage can be adjusted based on how the skin "feels." When using a moisturiser during the day and at night, choose one that is lighter during the day and heavier at night.

Moisturiser For Oily Skin

Water-based or oil-based are the two main alternatives. If your skin is oily, you should opt for a water-based moisturiser, as these are far less rich than their oil-based equivalents. Even better is a water-based moisturiser with natural humectants. This absorbs moisture from the air and seals it in your skin, giving you a double dose of hydration.

Use a non-comedogenic moisturiser, which means it won't clog your pores or create acne. Natural products with a high percentage of natural substances in their formulation are the best since their molecules are smaller, allowing them to penetrate the skin easier and causing less blocked pores. The simplest way to determine whether a product contains non-comedogenic additives is to familiarise yourself with the contents.

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Moisturiser For Combination Skin

moisturiser combination skin

Your initial instinct might be to reach for the cleanser if you have oily skin or breakouts in specific regions of your face. Check the ingredient list on your cleanser before lathering up to make sure it's not doing more damage than good. Some substances, such as denatured alcohol, might cause your skin to dry out (and possibly age prematurely).

If your skin is slightly oilier, opt for a lotion that is lightweight and non-comedogenic to avoid clogging your pores. If your skin is particularly dry, opt for a cream-based moisturiser.

Creams are a fantastic midway ground to deal with in general. Find a skin care that works for you and your skin.

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Moisturiser For Sensitive Skin

moisturiser dry skin

Products with less smell and no artificial dyes are healthier for sensitive skin. Moisturiser additives that are protective or antiaging may enhance the benefits of the moisturiser itself, particularly for those with mature skin. Antioxidant and sunscreen moisturisers can be used throughout the day, and antiaging components can be applied at night.

Keep your skin moisturised by drinking plenty of water and fresh juices. This is the most significant sensitive skin beauty tip. Some meals can cause your skin to respond negatively and increase sensitivity. Analyse and stay away from them.

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