Holi is just around the corner and while it is a fun festival to celebrate, it can take a toll on our skin because of all the harsh chemicals in colours. Even if we use organic colours, one still needs to protect her skin. 

It is further likely to get more damaged from being in the sun for long hours. Prepping the skin in advance will allow the colours to come off easily with causing way too much damage. 

To know about some tips to protect our skin, HerZindagi exclusively spoke to Dr Sushil Tahiliani, who is consultant dermatology at Hinduja Hospital, Khar. 

“Holi is a festival that brings joy but it also brings to our clinics a few people (patients) with skin issues related to the use of colours. You can avoid this situation by using some very simple tips,” she said and talked about tips to make the festival as risk-free as possible. 

Things To Avoid


If you want to look good for the festival, please avoid procedures like microdermabrasion, waxing, peels, ‘clean ups’ in the week preceding the festival. The barrier function of the skin may be compromised due to thinning or break in the continuity of the stratum corneum, with a risk of colours penetrating into deeper layers of skin.

Use A Moisturiser

You could use a more oily or thick one for arms and legs and a non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic moisturiser for the face, neck, shoulders and upper part of chest and back.



Use sunscreen on sun-exposed areas, about 10 minutes after applying moisturiser. Sunscreen should be able to protect against both ultraviolet and visible sun rays. It should be highly water-resistant- such sunscreens work for up to 80 minutes after application. 

Goes without saying that if you play colours for a longer time, you will have to reapply the sunscreen. It should be applied adequately and should have an SPF 30. You need to apply half a teaspoonful (2.5 ml) to cover the face and neck. While playing with wet colours. The sun rays penetrate through the thin, loosely woven fabric; hence, such areas of the body should also be covered by sunscreen.

What To Wear? 

Use closely woven cotton dresses and if you want to protect your skin, try and cover a larger part of the body to minimize direct contact of skin with colours.



Hair should be washed, dried and covered with oil or serum. It should be tied to minimise tangling or frizzy hair (serums for dry & frizzy hair).

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How To Protect Nails? 

Nails should be covered with a base coat of nail paint. This prevents deeper penetration of colours and soap used to wash colours. This reduces the chipping of nails.

To clean the colours, please use a mild soap or a syndet bar. Avoid using abrasive loofahs or bathing brushes. Avoid hot water for removing the colours. Put a moisturiser (homemade moisturisers) after patting the skin dry. It is imperative to choose a non-comedogenic moisturiser for acne-prone areas of the body. Dry colours are easier on the skin. If you want to use wet colours, you will only use put colours in the water.  

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