These days, the mother of the bride are experimenting with their look too but 'less is more' for the mother. Mostly mothers' of the bride opt for subtle makeup that lasts for longer. It is important because the mother of the bride goes through multiple emotions through the wedding ceremony, her makeup needs to be waterproof to prevent those tears ruining it all. 

Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain has shared a quick make-up and grooming guide for the mother of the bride. Read on. 

Prepping The Face

The expert shared that before applying make-up, it is important to pluck extra hair around the eyebrows. To make the brows more defined, they should be reshaped. 

Next, it is important to cleanse the face and apply moisturiser. Wait for a few minutes and then apply a primer. Applying a primer helps in holding your makeup for longer period of time. Primer should either be a transparent one or one that is very close to  your skin colour. Next, apply the concealer to cover any dark spots and patches. 

Creating The Base

To set the base of your makeup, use foundation. The expert suggested using two foundations - one which is lighter than your skin colour and another one which is closer to your natural skin colour. The texture of the foundation should be light and creamy. This will give your face a natural look. Ask your makeup artist to avoid using heavy foundations as they can settle into the wrinkles and fine lijnes on the face. Heavy foundations add age to your face. If you have time ahead of the wedding, it is a good idea to get a make-up trila done.

shahnaz foundation

The lighter foundation should be applied carefully around the eyes and blended well, especially around the inner corners. 

Next, foundation should be properly used around the chin, mouth. The lighter shade of the foundation helps in camouflaging shadows as they lift the area. Wait for a few minutes before applying the natural skin foundation on the entire face. Make sure you blend well. 

Lastly, loose or compact powder should be used to set the foundation. To achieve a softer look, it should always be used in less quantity. 

Eye Make-Up

makeup for mother of the bride

Shahnaz Husain suggested that the mother of the bride should avoid glitter, shine products for the eyelids. Brown eyeliner should be used for softer look along or a black eyeliner can be used over a brown eyeshadow. It is a good idea to get brown eyeshadow on the upper lid and darker brown shade on the crease. Lots of mascara should be used to make the eyelashes look thicker. If you wish to wear eyelash extensions, make sure you pick the one which has a more natural look. 

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For The Lips

shahnaz husain beauty mother of bride

If your lips need redefining, a lip pencil can be used to do it. Redefine the shape of your lips with a liner and then fill in the lips using a lipstick brush with the same colour. Pink, wine, coral and shades of red can be good options. However, the mother of the bride should avoid very dark shades as they will add age. Also, the expert shared that darker colours make lips look thinner. 

To finish off the look, the mother of the bride should use a rosy blusher. 

Grooming Tips For Mother Of The Bride

The expert further shared that for clothing, mother of the bride should pick from colours like maroon, brown or a soft shade can be picked. Instead of glitter, it is a good idea to go for traditional zardosi in dull silver or gold, pearl or Swarovski crystal. 

It is important to carry balanced jewellery. With a heavy necklace, the mother should wear ear studs instead of long danglers. A diamond pendant with matching earrings can also be a good option. 

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The mother of the bride should follow 'less is more' with her jewellery as well. Instead of bangles, the mother can wear heavy kada or bracelet. 

Because the mother of the bride will have to move around a lot, they should avoid wearing high heels and pick comfortable footwear like wedges or low heels. They should complete the look with a matching clutch or potli or butwa bags. 

Lastly, a lot of attention should be given to the hairstyle of the mother. They should avoid elaborate hairdos or curls. They should simply go for hairdos which are graceful and give their face a soft look. Tying up hair in a low chignon can be a good idea. 

We hope these grooming and make-up tips help the mother of the bride to dress to her best for the big day. 

Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty and wellness expert.  She is the Chairperson of the Shahnaz Husain Group. For more such tips from the expert, stay tuned!