If you are a bride-to-be who is getting pre-bridal face and hair treatments every now and then, make sure you don't miss taking care of your feet amidst all this. Just like your face and hair, your feet too needs good amount of care and pampering. 

Ahead of your wedding, you can get bridal foot spa treatments along with pedicure. It is essential for all brides, not only because it cleanses your feet, keeps them happy and heahtlhy but also because it relaxes them which is much required amidst the wedding preparations. Also, the foot massage helps in brightening your skin and helps enhance the beauty of your feet. 

If you don't wish to head to the salon for your foot treatments then follow these quick tips by Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain at home.

Pedicure At Home

pedicure at home shahnaz husain

At home, take a small tub filled with water. Add some rose water and few drops of rose or lavender essential oil to it. Next add salt and some pure almond oil (almond oil benefits). You can also add rose flower petals or petals of some other flower for that spa like feeling at home. 

Dip your feet in the water for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, time to give your feet scrub treatment. 

DIY Scrub

You can prepare foot scrub at home using natural ingredients like ground almonds, oats, wheat bran or choker. You can also add ground orange or lemon peels and salt or sugar. Next, add yogurt, milk or oil of your choice to the mix. You can use any type of vegetable oil like sunflower oil, sesame oil or olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply on your feet. Keep for 15-20 minutes and then start to massage in circular moments. Make sure you pay attention to the heels.

Wash your feet with water. Using a massage oil or cream, give your feet a good massage. If there is any leftover oil or cream, cleanse it with a moist towel. 

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DIY Foot Pack

Prepare a foot pack using lemon juice and honey in equal quantities and then add some rose water. Mix well and apply on the feet. 

Keep it on for 30 minutes and then wash with plain water. 

Trim Nails

foot care nails cuticles

Time to trim and shape the nails. Using a nail clipper, cut your nails in a sqaure shape. If ther are any in-grown nails, make sure they are not cut in round shape as they then grow even more. Never cut the cuticles of the toe nails. Push the cuticles back and apply cream on them. Apply cream on all your nails and feet and massage well. Start to massage in upward strokes from the toes to the ankles. Lastly, wipe off your feet with a moist towel.

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Daily Care

shahnaz husain tips wedding bridal care

Apply til or coconut oil to your feet everyday before you bath. After bath, apply cream into your feet while its still damp as it helps in sealing the moisture. This will make sure that your feet remain soft and smooth all day long. 

A lot of us have cracked heels and an easy remedy to treat them is soaking them in hot water for 20 minutes at night before going to bed. Add coarse salt and shampoo to the water before soaking your feet. This helps in removing all the dead skin. Using a pumice stone or heel scrubber, rub the heels gently to remove dedad cells. Avoid using metal scrubbers.

Use a massage cream and rub into your skin. Apply generously on the heels. Cover your heels with cotton or a clean cloth. Wear socks and then go to sleep. 

Feet corns are another common issue and if you have them then here is an easy Ayurvedic remedy. Clean the corn with tea tree oil. Prepare a paste using 1 tsp aloe vera and 1/2 tsp turmeric. Mix well to make a paste and apply on the corn. Apply on the corn area and cover with a bandage. Do this before going to bed and keep it overnight. This remedy also helps in removing any discolouration on the feet.

Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty expert. For more such tips from the expert, stay tuned!