People think that cosmetic care can work miracles. But this is not so. If you want to look and feel good during your wedding, you need to “detox” and get rid of toxins and wastes. This has a renewing and revitalizing effect on the skin, hair and body. 

Right from your nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation to stress control, all must be considered. Start on an exercise regime in good time, three to four weeks before the wedding.

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Yoga is an excellent form of exercising. They also include relaxation of the body and benefit the mind by reducing stress. Indian weddings usually comprise multiple functions. To cope with all of them, one needs to build up stamina and fight fatigue. Begin with breathing exercises and do so for a month before the wedding day as that is great for calming your mind. Breathe slowly and make sure your body is relaxed. Concentrate your mind on your breathing. This helps to push all other thoughts away for a few minutes. 

By doing it 10 times, you will realise that your mind has become calmer and your body is also more relaxed. This is great for coping with stress, which is inevitable as you tend to do so with the wedding day approaching. 

Diet Changes

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Diet change is very important as well. You must have natural and raw foods with vegetable juices and fruit smoothies. They are great for detoxification and eliminating  wastes. The right diet is all about elevating your sense of well-being. Make sure that lightly cooked vegetables, unprocessed cereals, nuts, seeds, curd and sprouted grains are a part of your diet. These are all rich sources of minerals,  vitamins, trace elements and enzymes.

Cold-pressed juices have become popular today. According to experts they contain more nutrients. Drink plenty of water. Have warm lemon water first thing in the morning. This is great for flushing the system off toxins. Have probiotic foods, like probiotic yogurt.


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To treat those tired and puffy eyes, dehydrated skin from too much make-up and bad hair days, detox is what you need. 

  • Give up coffee and instead have green tea daily as it has many benefits. 
  • Drink more water.
  • Have lemon water every morning.
  • You can also add spices to tea, like cardamon, ginger, pepper or cinnamon. Ginger is known as a universal remedy as it has so many benefits. 
  • Boil some ginger and have that as ginger tea. It is great for after meals for digestion. It also reduces inflammation. 

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Not only do these remedies detoxify the system by promoting the elimination of wastes, but also bring about a sense of well being.

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Activated Charcoal

Off late, activated charcoal has become huge of a remedy for detoxifying the skin, as it purifies the skin, and draws out toxins. It also works on your pores and hellps remove dead skin cells. This brightens the skin. 

  • It can be used in face masks. 
  • Mix activated charcoal with rose water and aloe vera gel. Apply a thin layer on the face, but not on the lips or area around eyes. 
  • For acne prone skin, add 3 drops of tea tree oil and rose water to activated charcoal, for a face mask. Wash off the masks after 20 minutes. Activated charcoal may be available at a chemist shop.
  • To relax and calm the mind, add a few drops of essential oils to bath water which helps in soothing and calming the mind, as well as removes fatigue. You can use rosemary oil, or cinnamon oil. Or, you can choose from citrus or lavender oil. They are great as foot baths as well. Soak your feet in hot water and add an essential oil to it. The aroma is very relaxing. 


These tips rolled out by beauty expert Shahnaz Husain are super effective! She is a well known wellness expert not just in India but on foerign shores as well and she often shares her wisdom with media for readers including HerZindagi.