We are always looking for hair care tips from our favourite celebrities because it is rare we see them having a bad hair day. Well, we are so happy that with this quarantine, our favourite celebs are taking out time to share their beauty secrets. Some time back, Mira Kapoor took to her Instagram and shared the recipe of her secret hair oil and hair mask recipe. 

Mira Kapoor is super active on social media and she keeps sharing her beauty secrets. She last shared an easy to make DIY homemade scrub recipe. Now she shared the recipe of her hibiscus hair oil and hair pack. 

Hibiscus Oil For Hair

hibiscus oil for hair growth

You need:

  • 2 hibiscus flowers 
  • 7-8 hibiscus leaves
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • Methi seeds (optional)
  • Amla powder (optional)
  • Curry leaves (optional)


In a grinder, add hibiscus flower, except the pollen. Add hibiscus leaves. Grind to make a paste. In a pan, add coconut oil and hibiscus paste. You can also add amla powder, methi seeds, and curry leaves. Boil and take off the heat. Transfer to a glass bottle after it cools. 

Sharing her after thoughts, Mira Kapoor shared that she can add neem and moringa leaves as well if available during the season. 

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Mira Kapoor kept aside a tbsp of hibiscus paste to prepare a hair mask. 

Hair Cooling Pack         

hair cooling pack hibiscus              

Mira Kapoor shared that you need hibiscus paste, dahi or yogurt, and aloe vera gel. Mix all the ingredients to make a hair cooling pack.       

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Why Hibiscus?

mira kapoor hair care secrets

Hibiscus is gaining a lot of popularity these days and it is believed that using it helps in hair growth. The flower not only helps in hair growth but also treats issues like hair fall, premature greying, and dandruff. This flower has some amazing benefits for your hair. Read on.

  • Hibiscus has vitamin C which prevents hair loss. Using hibiscus infused hair oils helps in prevents hair fall. 
  • This beautiful flower has amino acids that strengthen your hair roots and make them healthy and strong. 
  • The flower also helps in hair regrowth. You should make it a part of your hair care routine if you have thin hair or bald patches. It makes your hair thick and adds natural volume to your hair. 
  • It helps in treating common hair problems like itching and dandruff
  • Using hibiscus helps in preventing premature ageing. 
  • Hibiscus is the right ingredient for your dry and dull hair. These flowers work as a natural conditioner for your hair. Using hibiscus oil or pack makes your hair silky smooth. 
  • According to a lot of studies, hibiscus can be used to treat baldness, it helps in re-growth of hair too.                   
  • If you have an itchy scalp then using hibiscus helps in treating it. The hibiscus flower leaves help in balancing the pH level of your hair and gives it a cooling effect.

Now that you know what Mira Kapoor's swears by when it comes to her hair, try it and flaunt your gorgeous tresses! For more such stories around celebrity beauty secrets, stay tuned!