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    Let's Turn Your Real Life Into A Fairytale With Makeup This Halloween

    Halloween is just around the corner and here are some trendy makeup looks you can recreate for your parties!
    Published -27 Oct 2021, 18:25 ISTUpdated -27 Oct 2021, 18:35 IST
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    Halloween is a highly celebrated festival in the United States of America and foreign lands but has also gained huge popularity in Indian culture. The Halloween culture is all about dressing up in your favourite, desired characters or personalities and going trick or treating door-to-door in your locality. Here are some tips and tricks to get through your Halloween! 

    Dripping Tears 

    Dripping tear trend is a viral trend on Instagram and the makeup world as we see on our social media platforms. You can add vibrant colour to the under-eye bags and a sizzle of Swarovski to your makeup look with a similar tone of lip shade. 

    Adding Swarovski to your makeup is a great idea as it glasses all the emphasis on the Swarovski and gives a glowing outcome. As the under-eye colour blocking trend has taken up on social media, it is ideal to incorporate the same in your Halloween look this season! 

    A Comic Scene

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    Who doesn’t love comics? We all do! Why not create your Halloween costume around comic characters with facial expressions similar to that of a comic? 

    Adding facial features as a comic character is a pretty easy task. Take a white liner or lipstick and add stroke to areas where you think the shadow of the light may fall. A white and a black liner or lipstick is all the extra makeup you need. 

    You still have to be careful with the strokes. Many people tend to go overboard with the strokes and the fun of a comic look is snatched away! Do not forget to use red lipstick and a full-on face of blusher!

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    The Nun 

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    The easiest makeup to pull off on a Halloween night is ‘The Nun’. Throw in a layer of the white base onto your face and neck, covering parts of the back of the neck and the ears. Take a black eyeshadow and circle around the eyes, also the under eyes. Add a bit of mascara and a black lip. To create depth, you can add contouring with a black eyeshadow (5 High-End Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Buying) too. It gives a more realistic look to the character and you’re surely going to receive a lot of compliments. 

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    With this look too, you have to be careful, as the black eyeshadow has a lot of pigment and with a white base on top, it’ll be difficult to remove the extra black pigment from the skin if needed. 

    An Animal 

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    Turn yourself into an animal with DIY arts and crafts material in and around your house. The makeup is easy to do, add distinctive features from your animals to your face in a proportional amount and let the DIY take the credit for your outfit. 

    Let it be minimal and outstanding! 

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    Stars And Moon 

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    Stars and the moon are something that has most of us engaged and engrossed. Incorporate stars and moon with distinctive features and colours as you like since there’s so much to the universe that we don’t know of. 

    What’s your take on makeup for this Halloween season? Let us know on our official Instagram page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more!

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