Lipstick is the most important part of our makeup. Every woman dreams of the perfect shade of lipstick on their lips. However, we have some bad news for all lipstick lovers. Applying lipstick can be harmful to you. Yes, you read it right, lipstick has some toxic contents which can be harmful for us and can lead to several health problems. Read on to know about all the side effects of applying lipstick.

Toxic Ingestion

Lipsticks contain elements like manganese, cadmium, chromium, and aluminum, and toxicity is caused when all these harmful elements accumulate in the body. Also, women accidentally consume lipstick several times which means that these elements are also ingested. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your lipstick is of high quality which is free of such harmful ingredients.

Skin Allergies

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Lipsticks are preserved using a chemical named bismuth oxychloride. This element has carcinogenic properties which are extremely harmful for the skin. This can cause several skin allergies. Also, elements like zinc, lead, chromium, cadmiu, parabens, and magnesium are also toxic for our skin.

Effects Brain And Heart

Lipstick contains the substance lead and when it is absorbed by our body, it gets circulated in our system, thus, leading to heart ailments and hypertension. It can also lead to coronary infractions and heart rate variations which can be extremely fatal. Also, lead highly affects our nervous system and brain function which leads to epilepsy and can even result in death.

Breast Cancer

Lipsticks containing toxic ingredients and those which have not been approved by FDA can be fatal and lead to breast cancer in women. Also, the parabens in lipstick can lead to breast cancer as well as other ailments. It can also result in other minor side effects such as irritation in the eyes and coughing.

Kidney Failure

Lipsticks contain cadmium which is a heavy metal and cannot be thrown out by the waste management system of our body. Thus, it accumulates in our kidneys and results in stopping the functioning of the kidney. It is quite common for women who don’t use high-quality lipstick and go for cheap ones.

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Some chemicals such as manganese can lead to nervous system issues which can lead to symptoms of Parkinson’s. Lipstick contains this substance in high quantities and can lead to heavy deposition of manganese in the body which can be highly dangerous.

Cancer in Stomach

In most of the poor quality lipsticks, a substance called chromium can be found which can cause cancer (foods that reduce the risk of cancer) in the stomach when ingested which is actually a common occurrence. Several low-quality brands add chromium to lipstick which is toxic for our bodies.

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What To Do To Minimise The Effects Of Lipstick?

 Go for lighter shades as heavy metals are present in dark shades.

  • A base of petroleum jelly is necessary as it can lessen the harmful effects of lipstick.
  • Go for homemade lipsticks as they are made with natural ingredients.
  • You must exfoliate 2-3 times a week in order to keep your skin protected from the harmful effects of the lipstick.

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  • Go for organic or natural lipsticks.
  • Invest in a good-quality makeup remover

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