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    Avoid These Mistakes While Contouring Your Face

    Are you looking for makeup techniques to perfect your contouring skills? Read on to know about some common mistakes that you need to avoid for chisele...
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    Published -02 May 2021, 09:00 ISTUpdated -03 May 2021, 14:42 IST
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    Let’s accept it contouring your face for those chiseled cheekbones and sharp jawline is something that isn’t going away anytime soon. This beauty trend has become a part of everyone’s makeup routine, but contouring your face is an art and if you won’t do it right it can make your face look unnatural and disproportionate. However, if you’ll practice this technique by keeping certain points in mind then achieving a well-sculpted face isn’t that hard.

    Choosing The Right Shade

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    Choosing the correct shade is important for every make product be it foundation, concealer, or your contouring kit. A shade lighter or darker of these products in comparison to your actual skin tone won’t look natural on your face. You should always go for the bronzer that is only two shades darker than your skin tone and not more than that. One more thing while putting bronzer on your cheekbones is that you have to blend it properly. Most of us make this mistake of swiping the bronzer on the jawline and not dissolving it on which leaves the visible lines of product on our face.

    Using Too Much Highlighter

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    A highlighter is only to add a little glitter and glow to your temples, cheekbones, and the tip of the nose. However, when you apply too much highlighter along with the bronzer then your face starts looking like a disco ball instead of having a subtle glow. A highlighter is a great product that we all love going over the board with but it should be used to a limit. Always keep in mind that all makeup products should enhance the features of your without making them look too sharp or dull.


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    Avoid Your Eyes

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    Your under-eye area is not supposed to be contoured, you only have to apply foundation and concealer around your eyes and dust it off with some powder. Contouring your eyes by mistake can create a look of dark circles or it can make it glow in an unnatural way. Also, avoid using too much concealer under your eyes as it does get captures easily when someone tries to click a picture of you. Apply minimal products and blend them thoroughly.

    Mix Matching The Products

    You should avoid using powdered highlighter or powder along with creamy contouring formula. The mix-match of the formulas can also be very tricky to pull off. It is hard to blend the two different formulas as well as compared to the products that have equal consistency.


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    Contouring The Right Parts

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    Countering the face without keeping the shape or features of the face in consideration is another common mistake that we make. Look at your face closely in the mirror and then decide which parts need to be highlighted and which one needs to soften. Also, while swiping the contouring powder make sure you are putting them under the jawline instead of putting it on the jawline. This trick would make your jawline pop instead of making it look a bit suppressed.

    We hope you would keep these tips in mind while contouring your face. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

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