Ladies search and search for that beauty product that can give them immense glow and flawless skin. But, most don’t find their skin’s best friend and hence, rely on makeup and photo filters for achieving smooth-looking skin. For a few months, a new product, African black soap has been garnering praises for making skin look flawless in real life. If you’re an avid social media user, you probably must have seen it too! We dropped the highlighter and bronzer to do some digging about it. We found, African black soap is being used for generations, but is becoming popular now in the other parts of the world, given its beauty benefits. 

Known as Ose Dudu, Alata Samina, and Anago soap, reportedly, it was made in the western African country, Ghana. While the recipe of the soap remains a secret, it is believed that the tribes of West Africa prepare this soap with locally harvested plant parts. However, the recipe of this amazing soap may differ from region to region in Africa, but, they do commonly use palm oil, coconut oil (coconut oil benefits), raw African shea butter or shea tree bark, cocoa pods, plantain skin, and honey for making this extraordinarily rich soap, which: 


Fights Acne

Not that it affects your beauty, but who doesn’t want flawless skin. Oil and gunk can lead to pimples, thus causing marks and what not. African black soap is likely to balance out the natural oils of the skin on the face and prevents extra sebum from clogging the skin pores. This will help in reducing the number of pimples from popping on the face. It is also said to be effective in controlling the acne-causing bacteria. 

Is A Natural Moisturiser 

Is A Natural Moisturiser

No matter what skin type you have, it is utterly important that you keep your skin hydrated. Removing sebum from the surface is significant too, but one should not run out of necessary juices that make your skin look healthy. African black soap comes with a concoction of oils and beneficial shea butter. It hydrates the skin and keeps it from becoming dry by locking moisture in the skin. 

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Prevents Razor Bumps

Many girls have sensitive skin, that’s why they use a razor to remove body hair. While there are so significant cons of using it on the skin, the razor does give bumps to some of us. It happens due to a poor exfoliation regimen. If the dead skin cells from the body are not removed well, it clogs the pores and causes bumps. African black soap may prevent bumps and infections, giving you smooth skin. 

Has Antifungal Properties

Has Antifungal Properties

Athlete's foot, jock itch, ringworm, and yeast infections are common. If you already have it, you must see a doctor, and to prevent such skin problems, one should use antifungal agents, such as the African black soap. It has been said to be highly effective against major fungal issues and skin infections. 

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Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Be it due to harmful sun rays or using wrong acidic products, hyperpigmentation can take away the confidence and leave you with dark spots on your skin. African black soap’s other natural ingredients along with goodness of shea butter are likely to protect the upper layer of the body from damage, especially the sun’s UV rays. It may also minimise dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

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