It's a tried and tested opinion that cutting the front hair bangs for certain face shapes can enhance their appearance and make them look more stylish and smart. Not only that, but they also add texture to the hair. This hairstyle goes with whatever type of outfit you want to wear or any occasion you want to go for. However ,in the times of COVID-19 pandemic, not many people are comfortable visiting salons and parlours to get these haircuts. But you don't need to worry, because we have put together easy step-by-step guide to cut and style your bangs at home:

What You'll Need:

hair shears

  • A pair of shears
  • A fine-tooth hair comp
  • Sectioning clips
  • A blow dryer

Steps To Cut Bangs:

Step 1

Before you begin, make sure your hair is clean, blow-dried, and perfectly smooth. If you trim your bangs while they're still wet, they'll probably end up shorter than planned. So leave the wet hair cutting to the professionals and let your hair dry and straighten them.

Step 2

Once done, it's time to section off the hair. From the crown of the head to the temples, make an upside-down v-shape.

Step 3

hair cut bangs

To determine how far back the top point should be, place a comb on the crown of your head. Then, locate the spot where the comb and the head separate. When you find the forward slope, use the parting side of your comb to construct a straight line from there to the temples.

Step 4

Hold the hair securely between your index and middle fingers in one hand. Comb through the hair with your fine-toothed comb using the other hand.  Place the comb above the securing fingers and run it down the entire length of the hair and the comb will detangle the hair while the fingers will keep it in place. Repeat this process a few times until the hair between your fingers is smooth and straight.

Step 5

Keep holding the hair and decide how long you want your bangs to be. The hair should be held firm but not too tight between your two fingers. Move your fingers a little below the endpoint you've decided, this will give you a little room for blunders. keep your fingers level and steady across the width of your face.

Step 6

Now it's time to make the first cut. Make a clean, straight cut through the hair with the shears, using your level fingers as a guide. Allow the hair to hang loose and double-check your work, ensuring that the bangs are evenly spaced across the face.

Step 7

At this stage, you will find your new bangs extremely blunt. So to give them a softer and more natural-looking look, take your securing finger out of the bangs and let them naturally part. Pin one side of bangs at the back while working on the other side. Pick up your comb and, this time, over-direct the hair across your face with those securing fingers, bringing the hair parallel to the long side of the bang triangle (the part that goes from your crown to your temple). Run your fingers and comb along the length of the bangs until you reach the end of the freshly cut hair's outside edge.

Step 8

You'll note that the hair below your securing fingers is angled, with the hair on the outer border being the shortest and the hair on the center of the forehead being the longest. You have to make these hair even. For that, make sure your securing fingers are exactly parallel to your bang triangle's crown-to-temple parting. Then, from the outer border to the middle, snip across your fingers, cutting off the angling beneath your fingers. The hair should be flush with your fingers after you cut it across. When you let go of the bangs, they should fall at a smooth, natural-looking angle, with the smallest bangs in the middle and the longest bangs on the outer edge. Rep the process on the other side.

Step 9

hair texture

It's time to give your bangs some texture. Bring your bangs together and center them on your face, just like you did when you initially chopped them across. Run your fingers and comb through the bangs a few times to make sure the hair is smooth and straight.

Step 10

Keeping your securing fingers just above the ends, you'll now point-cut the hair. To point-cut, hold your shears so that the ends are parallel to your hair and pointed up towards the forehead. Then, snip straight up into the ends of the hair from below. Point-cutting will give your hair a smooth, textured finish while also removing the bulkiness.

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Tips And Tricks:

  • Start with less hair if it's your first time cutting it. You can always add more hair, but the hair that is cut cannot be reattached.
  • Always cut your hair with haircutting shears. For a DIY haircut, don't use kitchen scissors, crafting scissors, or eyebrow scissors.
  • If your freshly cut bangs appear disjointed from the rest of your hair, try creating face-framing layers to help your bangs blend in better.

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