International beer day is celebrated every year on the first Friday of August. This year it falls on August 7, 2020. Apart from being a popular drink, beer is also known for its hair nourishing capacities. Beer is prepared out of malt and will instantly make your hair voluminous. It is great for hair and can be used to make them stronger and longer. So, pamper your hair and indulge in the much-needed haircare, by using the below given hair packs. 

Avocado And Hair Mask

beer hair mask

If you are worried about your dry and brittle hair, avocado is one ingredient for you. Make this amazing hair mask and treat your hair with the required nutrients. 

Ingredients: Half avocado, half cup beer and 2 tbsp almond oil

Steps to make the hair mask: 

  • Step 1- Start by properly mashing the avocado. Grind till it forms a smooth paste. 
  • Step 2- Now add beer and almond oil to it. 
  • Step 3- Once everything is mixed well, apply it on your hair. 
  • Step 4- Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes. 
  • Step 5- Once dry, wash off with your regular shampoo. 

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Egg And Beer Mask

Egg makes your hair silky smooth and repairs the dead roots. Beer on the other hand, improves blood circulation of the scalp and promotes hair growth. 

Ingredients: 1 egg yolk, 1 vitamin E oil capsule and 30-40 ml of beer.

Steps to make the hair mask: 

  • Step 1- In a bowl whisk the egg yolk properly. 
  • Step 2- Cut open the vitamin E oil capsule and squeeze out the oil. 
  • Step 3- Add beer and combine everything. 
  • Step 4- Now apply the mask on the scalp and the length of your hair. 
  • Step 5- Wear a shower cap and let it rest for 30 minutes. 
  • Step 6- Wash off with a mild shampoo and pat dry your hair. 

Honey And Beer Mask

beer hair mask

Honey is a natural moisturiser and provides lustre to your dry hair. Made with a number of nourishing ingredients, this mask should be your go to mask to revitalise damaged hair. 

Ingredients required: Half banana, 2 tbsp honey, half cup beer (benefits of beer). 

Steps to make the hair mask:

  • Step 1- In a bowl mash the banana properly. 
  • Step 2- Add honey and beer to this paste. 
  • Step 3- Mix for 1-2 minutes and combine everything well. 
  • Step 4- With an applicator, apply to your scalp, layer by layer. 
  • Step 5- Cover the length of your hair and wear a shower cap. 
  • Step 6- Leave it for at least an hour, to see effective results. 
  • Step 7- Wash off later and don’t forget to use a conditioner. 

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Onion And Beer Mask

The benefits of onion for hair is not unknown. Due to its sulphur content, onion prevents breakage and its antibacterial properties keep infections at bay. When combined and used with beer, it can revive dull and frizzy hair. 

Ingredients required: 1 onion, 1 tbsp coconut oil and half cup beer. 

Steps to make the mask: 

  • Step 1- First of all, grate the onion properly, till it forms a thick paste. 
  • Step 2- Add coconut oil to it and mix well. 
  • Step 3- Finally, add beer to it and combine everything. 
  • Step 4- Apply this thick paste on your head by covering all the roots. 
  • Step 5- Let it stay for at least 40-50 minutes or till it completely dries off. 
  • Step 6- Wash off with lukewarm and shampoo. 

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Make sure you always use a mild shampoo to clean your head after applying masks, as it ensures that there is no residue left in your hair. 

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