You must have seen the brightly coloured hibiscus flower in your gardens and have gotten mesmerized by its beauty, however, this plant is not just beautiful but also is known to promote healthy hair. It is one of the most popular herb used for hair growth. If you are only just discovering the benefits of hibiscus, then here is list of all those benefits. 

Stimulates Hair Growth

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If you are someone with way too thin hair, then hibiscus is a great solution for you. Amino acid present in hibiscus provides the hair with all the necessary nutrients that helps to promote hair growth.  These amino acids produce special kind of protein which is known as keratin. 

Keratin is the building block of hair, thus helps in hair growth. It lowers the risk of breakage and maintains the thickness of the hair by making it more manageable. Therefore, instead of wasting your money on keratin treatments, just go for hibiscus.

Prevents Premature Greying

Hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and vitamins that produce melanin. Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment that gives the hair a natural colour. Therefore, hibiscus is used as a natural dye to cover up all the grey hair.

Dandruff And Itchy Scalp

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Dandruff and itchy scalp are the results of excessive oil secretion from scalp. In order to lower this oil secretion by the glands, you can use hibiscus as it acts as an astringent. It maintains the pH balance of the hair as well as provides a soothing and cooling effect to your head.

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Conditions Hair

Most shampoos take away the natural oils from the hair, making them appear to be dry. If you also feel that your hair is turning dry and dull, then you can use hibiscus to nourish your hair. This is because hibiscus contains a high amount of mucilage which makes it a natural conditioner for the hair. This is reason hibiscus feels slimy when crushed.

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Prevents Baldness

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Many researches have been conducted to study hibiscus extracts in order to know whether it treats baldness or not. All these studies suggest that hibiscus is a chemical-free way to help your hair regrow.

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Usually the drugs that are used to treat baldness are Minoxidil and Finasteride and hibiscus is proven to be as effective as these two. Additionally, hibiscus is a natural ingredient and doesn’t have any kind of side – effects that can be caused while using other drugs on hair. 

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