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    These Habits Are Making Your Oily Skin Oilier!

    Quit making your oily skin oilier and prevent a sebum production overdrive by avoiding these mistakes.
    Updated at - 2020-10-03,14:36 IST
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    All skin types have their own issues. Dry skin needs hydration, oily skin needs a balancing agent and combination skin needs to control the T-zone most of the time. However, oily skin faces a lot of difficulties as they are more prone to acne than any other skin type. The struggle of washing, blotting, and mattifying remains. But there are some mistakes that those with oily skin make a lot unknowingly. These mistakes make the skin oilier. So scroll down and check if you too are among those people and correct it now before your skin gets worse.

    Over Washing

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    Oily or dry, nobody should wash their face more than at max twice a day. Oily skin especially should not do so as the moment the skin becomes dry due to the product, the glands tend to produce more oil. 

    Skipping Moisturiser

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    Be it any type of skin, combination, oily or dry, skipping a moisturiser is the biggest mistake you make. Since you use an oil-controlling face wash or even a toner, this step gets crucial. Instead of a cream base, use a water-based moisturiser to hydrate the skin. Oily skin when dries up due to the products used, the glands tend to compensate it by producing more oil. So don't skip the step, instead use the right products. 

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    Heavy Beauty Products

    Those with oily skin should refrain from using too much makeup. Especially those products which are heavy cream-based as they block pores which leads to an increase in oil production. So it is best to use water-based makeup and try to put fewer layers so that the skin can breathe.



    Most actresses and actors say and swear by litres of water intake every day to hydrate the body. Dehydration also affects the skin as it not just leads to wrinkles and dullness but also tips the scale in oil production. If the skin is drying out, as mentioned before, this triggers the glands to produce more oil to strike a balance. This may just cause greasier skin which is the last thing you need. 

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    Our hormones go through a lot of change at different stages of life. Be it puberty, or pregnancy or menopause. The hormones that produce oil, also known as androgens, fluctuate a lot due to this and if the imbalance of hormones becomes a lot, it leads to PCOS. Even when we take a lot of stress, our skin takes the brunt. Stress and cortisol, can make the sebum production in our skin, go overboard. This can cause an increase in perspiration and make the capillary function decrease as the blood flow leaves the skin and head to the internal organs and brain.

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