We were so excited each day to wear new lipsticks and then, this Pandemic dawned upon us. Well, as disgusted as anyone could be with the concept of wearing masks and lockdown. All the girls out there were literally cursing the virus even more, and why not. They had spent so many efforts and money to get at par with the fashion trends 10 months back, but then suddenly all this chaos happened and they were locked inside their own homes, with nowhere to go to. 

But now, that the people have started making content online at home or stepping out even for small things, everyone wants to use their favourite lipsticks and walk the streets with glamour. Talking about lipsticks and lip trends, a very popular trend that has recently emerged, right from where the Dalgona Coffee trend did. Yes, you guessed it right! It's a k-beauty trend that people have appreciated and showered much love upon.  If your Instagram feed is full of pictures with this blurred lip look and you still don't know what it is, then we will tell you everything about it. Take a look.

What Is The Blurred Lip Look?

lip blurred

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The blurred lip look draws inspiration from Korean popsicle lips. Just like when you eat a popsicle, the inner area of your lips becomes darks while the rest of it becomes a little gradient with it. And, it is very easy to achieve this look. Further, it doesn't require a lot of time or the accuracy that is otherwise needed to create a sharp lip look.  Check out the following steps to understand how you can get that perfect blurred lip look easily.

Scrub It Off

off by scrubbing your lips. This will make the lips softer and plumper and will accentuate the whole blurred look itself. Take a bowl to add some coffee, milk and sugar to it and scrub your lips for about 3-4 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. Not only will your lips become plumper, but they will also become pink and smooth.

Line The Lips

After scrubbing, your lips will not remain flaky/chapped and then is the turn to line them nicely. Using a nude lip liner, line your lips meticulously. If you want your lips to look bigger, you can line it on the outer region of your natural lip line. This will enhance the shape of your lips.

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Lipstick Time

Moving on to the next step, once you have lined your lips, apply a nude lipstick, a little lighter than the shade of your liner. This will maintain the shape of your lips and will make it all look better.

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Spill The Lipstick Inside


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Once you are done with applying the nude lipstick, take a darker shade of it and apply only on the inner portions of your lips. Now press your lips and with your finger try to smudge the inner colour.

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Final Step

lip art

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Use your fingers to dab away the excess colour. Then apply a lip gloss over it and with a makeup fixer fix it all together.  As part of precautionary measures, we would suggest you keep your concealer along. If your look seems to fall apart, just take a drop of the concealer, dab it on the outer edges of your lips and finally apply lipstick inside and press your lips.

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