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    Expert Shahnaz Husain Shares Tips To Care For Thin Hair

    Thinning hair is a major problem faced by people around the world. It may be caused by genetics, lifestyle habits, or because of a certain medical issue. Our beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain shared some tips on this, take a look. 
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    Updated at - 2023-02-09,18:03 IST
    expert shahnaz husain

    If your hair is thin and becomes limp in no time, you will feel that healthy, lustrous, thick hair is really difficult to achieve. What you need is awareness of hair type, the kind of treatment it needs, and how you can make it look healthy and full of body.

    We spoke to Shahnaz Husain, beauty expert and founder of Shahnaz Husain Group, and asked her to share some tips that can be used to stop this hair-thinning issue. 

    Balanced Diet

    The expert mentioned that “for thick, healthy hair, you should be in a state of good health. A diet that is low in nutritional value, lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, stress, and illness, are all reflected on the skin and hair. Hair is fed by the nutrients in the bloodstream. That is why both nutrition and good blood circulation are extremely vital to healthy hair.”

    She also shared how natural ingredients actually nourish the hair and also add body and strength. Some of these are available at home, like yoghurt, lemon juice, eggs, and many more. The nature and texture of the hair determine the ingredients that should be used. For instance, greasy hair would benefit from lemon juice and egg white. Both would help to cleanse and cut down on oiliness, adding body to the hair. 



    The expert said, “Protein makes the hair appear thicker because it coats the hair and creates more volume. Applying curd or egg half an hour before washing your hair with shampoo adds volume. Egg is one of the most versatile ingredients. It contains silicon, sulphur, and fatty acids that help to nourish the hair. The white of the egg has a powerful cleansing action too. When you apply egg to hair it not only adds shine to it but also adds volume and thickness to your hair. Beat an egg with a little milk to form a thickish consistency and apply it on the hair. After half an hour, rinse the hair well with water. Add a few drops of eau-de-cologne to a mug of water and use it as a last rinse to get rid of any unpleasant odour. 

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    Henna can be used to coat each hair shaft, thus adding strength, thickness, and body to the hair. It leaves the hair healthy, clean, thick, and shiny. Adding ingredients like yogurt and egg to the henna paste not only prevents dryness but also helps to add volume to the hair.”

    Hair Pack

    Hair Pack

    She also suggested gram flour for a hair pack to add a body. Take gram flour (besan), curd, aloe vera gel, and an egg. Mix into a paste and apply on the hair.  This is a cleansing pack, which also adds volume. 

    Hair Styling Products

    Hair Styling Products

    Hair styling products can weigh the hair down. They should not be used on fine, limp hair. Use less shampoo when you wash your hair and then use a hair rinse. Or, apply a few drops of hair serum. If you apply conditioner, use less quantity and apply in the middle and the ends. Avoid applying conditioner on the roots and scalp of oily hair. After shampooing, wrap the hair in a towel and let it soak up the moisture. 

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    For normal to dry hair, experts suggested applying volumising mousse or gel before blow drying the hair. This is said to add body and shine. Holding the hair up, while blow drying, is also said to make hair look thicker. Or, comb all the hair to one side, blow dry the hair, and then comb the hair to the other side and repeat the blow drying. You can also bend down and blow-dry the hair upside down, brushing the hair from back to front. It is particularly convenient if the hair is short. 

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