Getting that perfect radiant skin has never been easy. Amidst the covid situation, it is getting all the more difficult. Well, you might feel too lazy to pull yourself out of bed and slap the cold water on your face. You might just want to cut corners when it comes to your skincare routine because you are not showing up at places anymore. 

You are no longer hanging out with friends and you are no longer going to the office. This might make you lose your motivation to look after your skin the way you did before. Skincare is something you do for yourself. Take good care of your skin today and it will thank you in your later years. Neglect your skincare today and it will only leave you with a bagful of regrets. 

If you don’t have healthy skin, no matter how many layers of make-up you coat it with; it won’t give you the glowing skin that you crave for. Skincare becomes even more essential as we take on the masked lives.  HerZindagi brings to you 5 essential skincare steps that you should not skimp on while wearing your N95 mask. 


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Hydration Is The Key

To achieve glowing skin, hydration is a must. Your skin needs hydration and mind you, lots of it! Without appropriate hydration, your skin will appear dull and lifeless. Hydrating your skin with a gentle moisturiser will go a long way in keeping your skin radiant and healthy. If you want to be extra protective towards your skin, choose a moisturiser with a broad-spectrum SPF. Moisturising your skin frequently ensures that your skin’s protective barrier is intact and is not vulnerable to acne and blemishes.  



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Daily SPF

Incorporating a broad-spectrum SPF is literally the best thing you can do for your skin.  Well, because you’d be wearing your N-95 mask on before stepping out, you might feel that putting on sunscreen is of no use. This can’t be farther from the truth. Sunscreen is something you just can’t afford to miss. The skin exposed to sun will be vulnerable to UV rays and you ought to shield it by using a protective sunscreen.



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Antioxidant serum

Just a few drops of hydrating serum can work wonders for your skin. Serums often come packed with Vitamin B5 which helps in improving the texture of your skin. If you want your skin to appear plump and sheeny all day long, then don’t forget to treat your skin with this magical potion. Use face serum for a week and see the transformation yourself. It is also helpful in protecting your skin from free radicals and premature skin aging.  

nutrition sheet mask

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Nutrition Sheet Mask Is A Mandate

Another extremely helpful skincare habit is the nutrition sheet mask. The best part about this is that you don’t even need to do it every single day. All you have to do is, let your skin soak the goodness of the nourishing face mask once a week. Well, sheet masks come packed in a variety of ingredients ranging from green tea to Vitamin C.  


Washing face

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Washing Face Everyday, Keeps The Dermatologist Away

Last but not the least, washing your face everyday removes all the dirt off your face. Even if you’re not going out, pollution in our environment can cause breakouts on your face. To guard your skin from these harmful effects of pollution, washing your face becomes a necessity. 


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