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Dry Brushing: A Skin Care Step You Shouldn't Miss

Dry brushing is a method of exfoliating your skin gently with a firm-bristled brush.
Published -02 Apr 2022, 16:00 ISTUpdated -02 Apr 2022, 14:39 IST
dry brushing skin care

While going to a  spa, have you noticed a section with soft-but-firm bristle brushes and wondered what they were for? Well they are for your skin including your face. When you graze your face using one of those wooden brushes, the process is called dry brushing.

Why Dry Brushing For Skin Care?

dry brushing skin care routine

Dry brushing is believed to be a quick, inexpensive, and simple way to maintain optimum skin and boost circulation while also helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also helps in the penetration of your body's oils and products, as well as the removal of waste, salt, and toxins.

How To Dry Brush?

dry brushing on skin and face

Begin at the bottom of your feet and work your way up to your legs in an upward motion. Start rotating the brush in a circular motion once you've reached the stomach. Then, brush your arms in a circular motion toward your chest and onto your chest. You can also brush your neck, beginning at the back and working your way forward.

The best time of day to dry brush is before you shower in the morning to help revitalise the system and wake up your body and mind.

Brush firmly in long strokes across your skin, keeping the brush level on your skin. You may wish to calm your skin by stroking it with your hand, as the brush can leave a tingling feeling; nevertheless, be careful not to apply too much pressure to the brush as that can cause breakage and/or redness.

It is also suggested not to dry brush in the shower or when skin is damp as this can damage the bristles of the brush. The entire dry brushing process should take no more than two to three minutes.

Most people think of dry brushing as a practice for the body, but it may also be done on the face. You'll want to apply circular motions once more, but this time start at the décolleté and work your way up to your forehead, then back down. Dry brushing your face will let your skin care products permeate your skin more easily, so use your anti-aging and moisturizers thereafter. Also, don't use the same brush on your face as you use on your body! Aside from the risk of producing a breakout, you should use a slightly softer brush on your face.

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Dry brushing does not have to be done on a daily basis; it can be done sparingly. It will take time to observe long-term improvements, but you will notice softer and smoother skin right away because it stimulates blood flow. Skin should become smoother, more moisturised, and tighter over time.

Women who have skin issues should avoid this procedure or, at the very least, avoid affected areas. 

However, if you see any unusual skin reactions, you should consult with a dermatologist.

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Benefits of Dry Brushing

dry brushing skin

Dry brushing has a massage effect, and massage can temporarily enhance blood flow and circulation while also stimulating the lymphatic system.

So make this amazing practice a part of your skincare routine and see flattering results. 

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