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This Homemade Garlic Shampoo Recipe Will Help You Treat All Your Hair Problems

Tired of dealing with those hair problems? Start using this garlic shampoo! Here is how you can make it at home. 
Published -13 Apr 2020, 17:49 ISTUpdated -17 Apr 2020, 16:10 IST
garlic shampoo diy healthy hair

Now that you are stuck at home, you have all the time to pay attention to your hair. All this while, when you were caught up in your hectic work schedules, you never had so much time to pamper your hair. There are so many hair problems that we all face but keep ignoring. However, these can damage our hair in the long run. 

You have been using all those chemical packed shampoo and conditioners on your hair not knowing that they can lead to hair fall and breakage. We have an easy and interesting DIY for you that will give you those glossy and healthy tresses you always wished for! 

Do you know garlic is great for your hair? Garlic gives you healthy hair. Have you heard of garlic shampoo before? If not then here is an easy recipe that will help you make your hair healthy.

How To Make Garlic Shampoo At Home? 

garlic shampoo organic

You need:

  • 10-15 garlic cloves 
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil 
  • 3-4 drops of peppermint oil 
  • 3-4 drops of Tea tree oil 
  • 1 bottle organic shampoo 


  1. Begin with peeling garlic and making a smooth paste out of it. You can add some water to mixer along with garlic to make a smooth paste. 
  2. Transfer this paste in a bowl and add olive oil, peppermint oil, and tea tree oil. 
  3. Mix all the ingredients well. 
  4. Now add this mix to your bottle of organic shampoo. This shampoo can be stored for 2 weeks.
  5. You can wash your hair with this shampoo twice a week. 

Garlic For Hair

garlic for hair health

One of the most commonly used ingredients in your kitchen, garlic is great for your hair. Garlic can help you get thick and voluminous hair. 

  • Garlic has an antibiotic effect on your scalp and it prevents infections on the scalp
  • Garlic prevents itching on the scalp
  • Garlic is the right ingredient for those with thin hair or facing hair fall as it prevents hair thinning
  • Garlic can help in repairing stressed hair
  • Garlic helps in strengthening hair roots

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Benefits Of Using This Shampoo On Your Hair

With garlic and other healthy oils added to your regular shampoo, it works as an antibiotic for your scalp. It keeps bacteria, infections at bay. This prevents your hair from falling. Garlic prevents your hair follicles from damage. 

Hair breakage is another common problem we all face and garlic helps in making your hair stronger. 

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Garlic helps in increasing the blood circulation on your scalp. It makes your hair stronger and increases hair growth. 

Other than exposure to polluted air and too much sunlight, health issues too can be a reason behind hair fall and breakage. If you have any serious medical conditions then make sure you consult your doctor before using this shampoo on your hair. 



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