Milk Powder is one of the most commonly used ingredients in Indian households. Apart from playing a vital role in preparing tea and various dishes, it is also loaded with several vitamins which can work wonders for your skin. Right from treating acne to giving you younger-looking skin, milk powder has numerous beauty benefits. It is a rich source of lactic acid and acts as a natural cleanser. Moreover, it is also an excellent source of Vitamin B which helps in the production of the new cells.

Here's a list of 4 DIY milk powder face-packs that are easy-to-make and can be prepared using other readily available ingredients in the kitchen. 

To Treat Acne

milk powder face packs one

Lemon reduces the appearance of blemishes and dark spots, milk powder, on the other hand, lightens the skin and treats acne as well. When combined together, along with the curd, this mask gives you smooth, supple, and flawless skin


  • 2 tbsp milk powder
  • 2 tbsp curd
  • 1/2 tsp lemon juice

How To Use

  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to form a thick paste. Take some steam on your face to open your pores and apply this paste on your face and neck evenly. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cool water.

To Prevent Wrinkles

milk powder face packs two

If you wish to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles, then this face-pack is just for you. Both these ingredients contain anti-aging properties which can stop the formation of wrinkles and give you smooth, younger-looking skin. 


  • 1 tbsp of turmeric
  • 2 tbsp. of milk powder
  • 1 tbsp of honey

How To Use

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and make a smooth paste. Apply this on cleansed skin and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes or until it dries off. Wash off your face with cold water.

For Lighter Skin

milk powder face packs three

While the oatmeal gently removes the dead skin cells, milk powder moisturises and hydrates your skin and makes it soft and glowing.


  • 2 tbsp orange juice
  • 1 tbsp oatmeal powder
  • 1 tbsp milk powder

How To Use

  • Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth paste. Apply it on your face and leave it on for around 10-15 minutes. Wash it off with water while gently massaging your face for a few minutes.

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To Treat Oily Skin

Multani Mitti and milk powder help in controlling the excess oil from your skin.


  • 1 tbsp fuller's earth (also known as multani mitti)
  • 1 tbsp milk powder

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How To Use

  • Simply mix both the ingredients in a bowl to form a paste. You can also add a few drops of rose water if you want a smooth paste. Apply it on a clean face and leave it on for 15 minutes or until it dries off. Wash it off with warm water to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Use this pack twice a month for effective results.

Disclaimer: All content, including tips and suggestions, is entirely based on research and data available on the internet. So, it is advised to not to construe it as professional medical advice and consult a dermatologist before trying any remedy.

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