Watermelons are undoubtedly one of the yummiest fruits that there is. They are a perfect combination of juicy, sweet, and delicious. However, have you ever reflected on how beneficial are the seeds that you carelessly spit out? No, we aren’t asking you to swallow those seeds though even that would have its own benefits. We are referring to the oil that is extracted from watermelon seeds upon drying them. The oil thus extracted can be used in many ways and is excellent for skin and hair in ways that are beyond count. Listed below are a few benefits of watermelon seed oil that will surely make you consider switching!

Good For Hair

Watermelon contains vitamin E along with high content of linoleic and oleic acid. These forms of unsaturated fats work miraculously for hair. Oleic acid is known to make hair soft by controlling the loss of water. Linoleic acid on the other hand helps in hair growth. Vitamin E helps in maintaining a smooth and healthy scalp thus preventing dandruff. One oil that fights all hair problems, quite a deal! Don’t you think?

Suites All Skin Tone

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This is the most important benefit of watermelon seed oil that makes this article relevant to all of you irrespective of the skin type you possess. Since this oil is light and gets absorbed quickly, it is perfect for oily skin. At the same time, this oil nourishes dry skin and provides a moisturizing effect due to the minerals present in it. Therefore, the watermelon seed oil is a perfect choice no matter what your skin type is!

Acne Prevention

This is the biggest challenge that we all are faced with. No matter what we do, acne seems to find its way back on our face! Using watermelon oil is great for preventing acne because it is a light oil, therefore, giving the skin the right amount of moisture and not in excess. Watermelon oil can be applied to the skin directly and results will surely leave you pleasantly surprised!

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Lip Oil

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Using this oil on your lips will work better than any other balm or gloss. It has all the right vitamins and minerals that help to keep the lips soft and protect them from the sun. It works very well to hydrate the lips and restore their natural colour. 

Anti Aging

Another extremely tempting feature of the watermelon seed oil is its anti-aging properties. It poses as an antioxidant for the skin cells and protects the skin from any UV damage while simultaneously curing the damage that has already been done. These factors, if not carefully paid attention to, can speed up the aging of our skin. Apart from this, the watermelon seed oil is also beneficial when it comes to cleansing the skin and removing the accumulated dirt.

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It is safe to say that watermelon seed oil is beneficial for our hair, skin, lips all in one! Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content.