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Beauty Tips To Take From Nita Ambani

Want to look like Nita Ambani? Here are some tips and tricks you need to take from this queen! 
Published -08 Apr 2022, 12:40 ISTUpdated -08 Apr 2022, 12:54 IST
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Beauty has always been a revolutionizing concept. With many hacks and tricks that are available to cater to your comfort, there is still so much to look forward to. 

Nita Ambani has been one such celebrity face that has made her mark on the world with her fashion and beauty style, regardless of her being married to one of Asia’s richest men. 

There’s a different thing about elite and elegance when it comes to this socialite. Here are all the tips you need to take from Nita Ambani to ace your makeup! 

Nude Lip 

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One thing about Nita Ambani is always her spot-on lipstick. The philanthropist has always opted for a nude lip. Her favourite colours seem to be peaches, browns, and pinks. 

For a lipstick to stay for a long duration, there are multiple hacks that you can try for your comfort. Post application, using a tissue, you can dab on a layer of loose powder through the tissue that will ensure the matte and long-lasting effect. 

You can also try applying a lip liner before you apply the lipstick. The lip liner will ensure no bleeding of the lipstick, and a longer stay. 

Well Groomed Eyebrows 

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Eyebrows are one part of your face that grabs the most attention. People don’t take the time to notice if your eyebrows are not done. They will notice the slightest thing off about them, that’s the thing about brows. This is why it is essential to keep them well-groomed at all times. 

Socialite Nita Ambani definitely takes this aspect of her beauty very well. Her eyebrows are always well-trimmed and shaped, regardless of the situation. 

To keep your eyebrows well in shape, you should go for using a spoolie to comb them out and 2shed off the excess hair. You can use an eyebrow mascara to give them a dense look. 

Rather than purchasing a new mascara dedicated to your eyebrows, you can reuse your old mascara for the same. 

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A Bindi Can Never Go Wrong 

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Every time you spot Nita Ambani in traditional attire, you will always find a bindi taking over her look. Regardless of her being at a wedding, or just casually acing an ethnic outfit, the bindi is something that has the center of attention for us. 

Nita Ambani gracefully carries her bindi and gives us all the right reasons to add this Indian element to our outfits. 

A bindi is a traditional Indian element that is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration. It is also a way to honor Indian traditions and cultures. 

Bindis come in many sizes and shapes, you can find multiple options available at your nearest vendor at cheap prices. The size of a bindi depends on the size of your forehead, while the shape is something you can have a creative hand with. 

An Eyeliner Is A Must 

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Eyeliner has become a daily essential, and so has it been for Nita Ambani. For the entrepreneur, eyeliner is not about the wing, it’s more of a stub. 

For when you are in a hurry, you can try multiple hacks to get the perfect eyeliner. You can use tape or a stencil to your use and carve it right where and how you want your eyeliner to turn out. 

An easier and more comfortable way to go about it is by using an earbud. Draw an eyeliner as you would, without caring about the wing. Take an earbud and wet the cotton portion. Using the wet earbud, glide it across your eyelid, making the perfect winged eyeliner as desired. 

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Never Forget Mascara 

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Every time you look at the socialite, Nita Ambani, she has never missed out on layering a mascara. She has always made sure to make her entrance with catchy eye makeup and has ever since had the same look, that we can now call a signature. 

For all-day mascara stability, it is essential for you to opt for waterproof mascara. A normal mascara would smudge throughout the day, as the moisture and humidity will make the mascara run over your face, making your under-eye darker. 

For a clump-free mascara, you should try using a bit of loose powder over your eyelashes before you apply a layer of mascara. It will help your eyelashes grab as much product as possible. You should also comb your eyelashes post 1 layering.

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