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    5 Setting Sprays To Buy Online, All Under ₹500

    Take a look at these five hair sprays that you can buy online that will not only make your hair ready but will also add shine and fragrance to it.  
    • Alice Mary Topno
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    Updated at - 2022-12-01,13:39 IST
    setting sprays to buy online

    If your hairstyle won't stay in place after you spend hours perfecting it, it can be disheartening. A good quality hair spray can help you with this. Today's hair spray formulations are considerably better; they’re non-sticky and lightweight and provide a smooth, natural finish. They allow flexibility and movement to your hair and some of them even help in maintaining hair health because of their nourishing formulas. If you've been trying to find a good hair spray in order to give your hair the right finishing touch, take a look at these options:- 

    1. Berina Hair Spray

    Berina Hair Spray

    Image Courtesy: Amazon 

    This is a volumising spray that adds volume to hair. It can tame the frizz by adding instant shine to it. This spray is great for all hair types and helps you get the desired hairstyle. It promises to keep your hair in place all day. It gives you instant styling by keeping flyaways at bay. This is a cruelty-free product that you can add to your hair essentials list.  

    2. Schwarzkopf Taft Keratin Hair Spray Ultra Strong

    Keratin Hair Spray

    Image Courtesy: Nykaa 

    This hair spray comes with a caffeine-strength formula that can hold your hair in place and the Taft Keratin formula with hair identical liquid keratin components strengthens the hair to provide long-lasting hold without stickiness. This spray can moisten and condition your hair so you can style it to suit your mood or the occasion. It helps to protect the hair from drying out without weighing it down. 

    3. Shine On! Shine Spray

    Shine Spray

    Image Courtesy: Godrej Professional

    Try this Shine On! Shine spray by Godrej Professional. This hair spray is a sulphate-free option that doesn’t contain any added parabens. It comes with a non-greasy formula that gives your hair a glossy look. It can help in maintaining the bounce of your hair by giving them a glossy and soft look. 

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    4. Livon Shake And Spray 

    Livon Shake And Spray

    Image Courtesy: Jio Mart 

    This Livon spray is a regular shake-and-spray hair spray that comes with the goodness of vitamin B-fortified water that promises to keep your hair moisturised & cuts away the frizz while its serum glossers boost shine and give your hair an express salon finish. It helps to boost the shine and is a perfect option for no-shampoo days (Give Your Hair The Gift Of These Natural Shampoos). 

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    5. Arata Sea Salt Thickening Hair Spray

    Thickening Hair Spray

    Image Courtesy: ARATA

    This hair spray has triple-powered ingredients – salt, biotin, & niacinamide – to fortify your hair strands & maximise thickness, making thin or fine hair appear voluminous. It promises to enhance your look with a matte finish, the texturising mist can help create a full-bodied & tousled beachy look.

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