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    5 Themes To Opt From This Wedding Season

    A wedding theme will set the tone for your big day. Here are some wedding themes to choose from.  
    Updated at - 2022-12-06,17:09 IST
    wedding theme ideas

    A wedding theme can be an aesthetic guide for your big day. It will help in making big decisions for your wedding easier. With so many variations and wedding styles to choose from, the choice can be an overwhelming one. We have curated some wedding themes for you, which can help you decide the route you want to take.



    If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart, what better way to showcase that through your wedding details. Choose soft colours, subtle lighting and floral arrangements. Other decor that will fit this theme includes a pastel palette, chandeliers, calligraphy and a quintessential floral wall.

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    Don’t want to take the traditional route? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. More offbeat and quirky couples can roll with the alternative wedding theme. Use cool, moody colour palettes and creative stand-alone items instead of the typical floral arrangements. Been-there-done-that wedding decor can be replaced with pieces that speak to you personally like handwritten wedding cards, bright lighting, abstract wall hangings and much more. 

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    vintage theme

    Draw inspiration from the yesteryears for your wedding. One of the easiest ways to channel this theme is by going for a wedding outfit and beauty look taken from decades ago. You can also rely on antiques to make great decor items. Weathered doors and worn-in wood seats will further highlight your vintage wedding theme. 

    You can finish off the wedding with a vintage getaway car or even use it for the baraat ceremonies instead of the horse. A bullet motorcycle will do the same trick!



    Want to match your happy-go-lucky nature with your wedding theme? We just have what you need. Go for bright splashes of colour and quirky, bohemian components. Incorporate multicoloured balloons, streamers, skip the roses and go for other flowers such as sunflowers or tulips, and place mismatched chairs.

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    modern theme

    For a modern wedding, choose clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimal design. Put a modern twist to anything and everything, from going for a different colour other than red for your bridal outfit and choosing boots instead of heels to giving a contemporary twist to your venue decor, including sleek seats, an abstract background and a bold colour scheme. 



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