If you are planning to travel with your partner and wish to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, here is a list of DONT's you should follow! 


Ignore The Choice Of Your Partner 

As travellers, you both may have completely different picks and it may turn out to be a tricky task when you have to come down to one common destination. It may take you long to reach to that point but don't just give up and force your choice on your partner. To choose a destination that you both are interested in, sit down and make a list of choices and see where your choices meet. 

Head Up Without An Itinerary 

head without an itinerary

After finally making a choice, make sure you both have a detailed discussion on your itinerary. It is not really a great idea to end up clueless at the destination and wasting half of your holiday in deciding where to go and what to do. Sit by the net and take down accommodation options, make a list of attractions, adventures you wish to try and then prep a rough itinerary. 

Check Out Other People 

You are there with your partner to explore the world and have some quality time. Enjoy each bit of this quality time and it will bring you both closer and also strengthen your love. While you are together, don't check out other people around. This may hurt your partner and also ruin the entire holiday. 

Fight Over Petty Things

fight over petty things

While you are out there traveling, you just can't act the way you do at home. There will be times when you need to compromise and that is the time your relationship is at test! Be it choosing amongst the dining options or picking from the set of attractions, you can agree with the choice of your partner to make them happy rather than fighting over such things and ruining your holiday. 

Stay Hooked To Your Phone 

Today,  we are hooked to our phones day 24*7. But while travelling with your partner, do take a break fromyour phone if you wish to enjoy to the fullest! Both of you will not be able to enjoy your holiday and strengthen your relationship if you stay busy with your phones all the time. Say bye-bye to your professional and social life for a while!