Travelling around the world whenever you can afford it is a must but a solo trip has a different feel altogether. People today have started releasing that solo trips are de-stressing and are a great way to find ourselves. There are not many people I would deem safe for women travellers and this is out of self-experience but one of them for sure is Nepal. It is accessible and a little cheaper than India in terms of currency. As of January 26, Re 1 is equal to 1.60 Nepal rupee. But how do you go about making this solo trip to Nepal?

How Will You Go Around?

It is good to follow your instincts but depending upon them entirely will be a grave mistake. Going from one point to another may not be as sorted and in a new place, it is always safer to do some research beforehand. Plan a little ahead and check the internet as to which route will you be travelling.

What To Do

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Don't just sit in a hotel room and order in. Do something you generally do not do in your own country. Join different activities and classes, cook something local, learn something local. Head to the Chitwan National Park to check out the wild rhinos. You can also sign up for sound bowl sessions, enrol in pottery workshops etc. Go on a photography spree if you can as you find so many frames to capture. 

Read Up On The Rules

Every country has its own rules and customs that we should never offend. Cover up well in religious places for sure just like we do in India. Just ask a local what to do and what not to. 

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Explore The Excitement

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Nepal might not be a night place but in the day time, the hustle-bustle is truly exciting. Travelling in the day time is easier as you can see and ask about the routes yourself around. In the evenings you can simply come back to where you are staying and relax. 

Shed Your Comfort Zone

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Travel in buses if you can, interact with people, grocery shopping and checkout the local market there. You can also a rent a bike, take a rickshaw or hire a bag. 

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Carry a functioning phone with internet and enough balance in it. Do not forget to buy a small pouch of red chilli powder and keep it handy for safety - a tip my mother gave me as pepper sprays are not allowed in flights. Pack a power bank and always carry your passport or a valid ID with you. 


These are just a few of the tips that are extremely important. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more updates.