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Road trip Guide: Tips To Travel Safely In A Cab

Road trips are a wonderful experience, but considering the safety, women have to think about number of factors while planning one.
cab safety tips

Road travels are so much fun! They offer a lot of freedom to roam around freely as well as guarantee an entire adventure. However, those who do not know how to drive may not be able to take advantage of this: driving around wherever they want. But they can take cabs to fulfil their goals of an enjoyable road trip. 

Cab rides are equally enjoyable and adventurous, with the added bonus of avoiding exhaustion from driving. You can ask your driver to take you wherever you want and you can stop the cab in between too wherever you want. But this can not restrict us from having a trip of our dreams. To enjoy a safe road trip, here are some cab travelling tips to keep in mind.

1. Use Trusted Apps To Book Your Cab

trusted cabs for road travel

Always book your cab using a trusted source or a trusted App. You may book a cab using a variety of apps such as Uber, Ola, Makemytrip, and others. They are not just a safer option because they are monitored, but they are also often less expensive.

2. Verify Driver's Information

verify drivers information

It's important to ensure that the driver with whom you're travelling is trustworthy. So, before getting into the car, check the credentials of the driver. Take a thorough look at his ID, driver license and toll papers. After checking, if you think you can trust the driver, then only sit in the cab. However if you find anything suspicious, turn down the driver right away and go for another option. You don't want to go on a journey where you're continuously afraid and in fear for your safety.

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3. Download Navigation

offline navigation

Don't just stop after you believe the cab and driver is safe. Always keep an offline version of the map route as well as keep the sounds on at all times. This way, you will stay alert if ever the driver deviates or goes off the route. Keep track of the route for a hassle free journey.

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4. Share Cab Details

Share your cab information with someone you trust, such as family or friends, so they can keep track of it. Share your driver's licence number and vehicle identification number. Also, keep sharing your live location with them till the end of your journey.


These tips can help you have a safer vacation so you can relax and enjoy yourself with lesser worry. You can travel with friends or even go solo this way.I know it's not fair that women can't go anyplace without fearing for their safety, but with these tips, things will be a lot better.

Don’t forget to update your travel playlist for a melodious Safarnama and load up on your favourite munchies and snacks. Enjoy a fantastic trip and let us know about your favourite experiences by leaving a comment on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

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