Working from home is proving to be an uphill task for one and all. Amidst the covid situation, most people are bored and depressed out of their wits. Taking a peaceful vacation is almost always at the back of our minds. But then, there’s a lot of work to do. Taking a vacation when there’s a ton of work to do is never going to pan out so well. Well, to bring you the best of both worlds we’ve curated a list of the 5 ideal work from home locations where you can rejuvenate and maximise your productivity simultaneously. 

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Work On A Road Trip

If you have been a big on travelling before the pandemic, you must surely by missing those spontaneous road trips. Road trips are no doubt fun and chilling. The best  part about road trips is that it requires minimal planning. You can think about it today and just head out the next day. Working on a road trip is going to be super fun and ultra-rejuvenating.

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Work From A Quaint Cafe

If you don’t wish to travel at all but still want to refresh your mind, working from a quaint cafe is the perfect thing for you. Working from an aesthetic cafe is going to enliven your spirit and give you the much-needed change of surroundings that you’ve been craving for. 

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Work From A Friend’s Place

Well, you can even go to a friend’s place and work along with them. Working with your friend is going to offer you some mental balance and you can have a good time as well. They say, everything’s easier when a friend is beside you. So with your friend by your side you’ll be able to handle work stress better. In fact, you can also offer help and support to your friend amidst the covid situation.

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Working Along The Beach Side

Working from homeis just not as easy as it sounds.  A weekend of working from one of the beach locations is going to leave your mind feeling elated. Beach locations are sure to reinvigorate your mind and you will notice all your stress and worries

washing away. If you wish to relieve all your work related stress, working in a beach location is going to be just perfect for you. 

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Working From A Fancy Resort

You can also opt for working from a resort. Working from a resort is going to be uber relaxing and soothing. While having breakfast in your hotel room, you can also relish the scenic beauty of the surroundings. One can also choose to work from one the villas located which has a tranquil swimming pool is also a great work from home option.

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