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Captain Zoya Agarwal Is First Indian Pilot To Get A Place In SFO Aviation Museum

Historic Movement for Zoya Agarwal as she becomes the first indian pilot to get a place in SFO Aviation Museum
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -22 Aug 2022, 18:53 ISTUpdated -22 Aug 2022, 18:51 IST
SFO Aviation Museum

Zoya Agarwal who's a senior pilot for Air India, of a Boeing-777, became the first Indian female pilot to fly an aircraft above the North pole, covering a record-breaking distance of around 16,000 km.

An all-female Flight India pilot team commanded by Zoya Agarwal flew the world's longest air route from San Francisco (SFO) in the United States to Bengaluru in India for the first time in 2021, crossing the North Pole.

The longest flight route in the world, from San Francisco (SFO) in the United States of America to Bengaluru, was first flown by an all-female pilot crew under the leadership of Zoya Agarwal. The US-based aviation museum chose to give her a spot in recognition of her ongoing efforts to motivate women all around the world and reach new heights.

Additionally, Captain Zoya is one of the UN's spokespersons for gender equality. In addition to having a stellar career in aviation, she supports and even helps other women in achieving their goals.

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"She is the first female Indian pilot to be included in the program. In addition to her remarkable career with Air India, including her record-breaking flight from SFO to Bengaluru in 2021 with an all-female crew, her positivity about the world and her commitment to helping other girls and women achieve their dreams is deeply inspiring. Being able to record and share Captain Agarwal's personal history allows SFO Museum to preserve the excitement and the historic nature of her extraordinary career with current and future generations of aviation enthusiasts," an official from the San Francisco Aviation museum told ANI.

"We are honoured by your participation, and we hope to educate and inspire future generations," the SFO aviation museum added.

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When the museum (Unique And Interesting Museums in Delhi) opened at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) in 1980, it did it primarily through the use of photos displayed on walls to enhance and humanise the airport's surroundings. Since then, it has blossomed into a lively exhibition programme with galleries spread out over all five terminals and created a collection of artefacts relating to the history of SFO and commercial aviation that today numbers more than 150,000.

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According to the International Society of Women Airlines, India has the highest percentage of female pilots in the world. Meanwhile, the number of women pilots has significantly increased in India. corresponding to about 12.4% of all pilots, as compared to 5.5% in the US.

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