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8 Indian Women Pilots Who Are Taking Over The Skies & Social Media

Here are the Indian female aviators dominating the sky, Instagram, and the world. 
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -20 Aug 2022, 15:15 ISTUpdated -20 Aug 2022, 15:03 IST
indian female aviators

Women are taking over the world with their talent, hard work, and determination. But the sky is not the limit for us as women are taking over the skies too. 

These women aviators who are ruling the skies above us in an industry largely dominated by men are inspirational as hell. On top of breaking gender stereotypes these women also own fun Instagram profiles that give us a sneak peek into their nomadic lives.

Meghna Arora

meghna arora

Image Courtesy: Instagram/meghna.aro.ra

Meghna Arora captains a Boeing 777, and also works as a personal development and wellness coach. She grew up seeing her father and grandfather flying fighter pilots for the Indian Air Force. She has always been mesmerised by the limitless sky and its openness. 

She often shares reels about mental and physical wellness. The pilot is also quite outspoken about body image and body positivity. Arora has been a commercial pilot for over 17 years and has an IG account, which is full of uplifting posts.

Anjana Singh

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Anjna (@anjnasingh)


If you want to see the life of a pilot and a traveller, you must follow pilot Anjana Singh on Instagram. She is into fitness and is an adventure buff too. From skiing to paragliding, she has done it all. Her pictures reflect her travelling experience not only in India but around the world.

Dhanashree Bhosale

dhanashree bhosale

Image Courtesy: Instagram/pilotdhana

Dhanashree Bhosale pilots an A320 Airline and is a solo traveller. She rides bikes, surfs, and often shares images from her work life. From her posts, it is clear that she loves to party hard in addition to working hard. The pilot often poses in front of the mirror. She is a beach person, who has extensively travelled to many seaside destinations.

Rashmi Sharma Phogat

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A post shared by Rashmi Sharma Phogat (@thatpilotgirl737)


Rashmi Sharma Phogat is a pilot, writer, and new mother. Her Instagram is full of images from her workplace and beach destinations. She often posts about her kid too. She keeps up with the new trends on social media and shares fun reels. Phogat has travelled to many parts of the world and often answers questions from women aspiring to become aviators.

Sruthi Laju

sruthi laju

Image Courtesy: Instagram/sruthilaju

Sruthi Laju is a young pilot (India has more women pilot than the US and UK) who is often on the spree to explore new destinations. She is into yoga and shares videos and images of her trying new poses and nailing them. She shares posts of her working, enjoying good times with her family, and sometimes measuring the lengths of beaches! 

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Jaswinder Kaur

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Jaswinder Kaur (@pilotjassigr8)


Jaswinder Kaur captains an A320 Airbus, and loves to travel the world and relish traditional dishes. Her Instagram account is a sneak peek into her personal life, where one can see her dressing in traditional apparel, living life, and posing for the camera. She likes to meditate and party.

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Ritu Rathee Taneja

ritu rathee taneja

Image Courtesy: Instagram/riturathee
Another Airbus A320 captain, Ritu Rathee Taneja recently appeared on  Smart Jodi with her husband, Gaurav Taneja, a content creator, pilot, and faculty of law at the Delhi University. She also runs a YouTube channel Flying Beast with her spouse. It has about 7.67 million subscribers. 

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