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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

5 Ways To Survive As An Introvert In The Corporate World

Being an introvert in a corporate world is not easy, staying confident is one skill that shall help you manage well.  
Published -15 Mar 2022, 18:10 ISTUpdated -16 Mar 2022, 10:42 IST
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
  • Published -15 Mar 2022, 18:10 ISTUpdated -16 Mar 2022, 10:42 IST
intovert career

The corporate world isn't known for its appreciation of introverts. They are often overlooked when it comes to participation in corporate events, handling important projects, meetings, promotions, etc. Managing that can be challenging in corporate environments where you need to interact with colleagues, be on the lookout for important projects or opportunities, attend meetings, seminars, even go out for lunch or drinks. Some introverts can get overwhelmed by this, as they prefer to spend time by themselves rather than with a bunch of people. Here are the 5 ways to survive as an introvert in the corporate world.

Accept Yourself

 Accept Yourself

The first and foremost thing to do is to accept that you are an introvert and that you have a different approach to handling things than the rest of the people. Once you start accepting yourself, you will notice things changing around you. You will feel more comfortable the moment you have accepted yourself. You don’t have to feel pressured to do things just to fit in. Always remember, that everyone’s approach to life is different and that is alright.

Stay Confident

Stay confident

Be confident in your own skin.  It’s true that you cannot avoid being around people at the office. All you need is confidence and resilience to survive your corporate job. It’s okay not to be overly friendly with your compeers, you can just stay calm and confident. That doesn’t mean you can avoid all kinds of interaction. You will need to interact with your colleagues every once in a while. Just make sure that you stay confident and don’t shy away from taking charge every once in a while.

Build Friendships

Build Friendships

You need a few friends at your workplace so as to support you. Just a few friends will make your work life much easier and smoother than ever before. Take your time to pick and choose your friends. You don’t have to make  a friend on the very first day to the office. 

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Channel Your Other Strengths

channel other strengths

Always remember that every person has different skill sets and those are unique to each individual. Introverts are known to be great listeners and observers. Make use of these other skills of yours to define your own unique identity. 

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Take Time To Recharge

take time to recharge

Now, it is a widely known fact that introverts need time to recharge. Introverts need the time and space to feel energised back again after socialising much. A lot of socialising drains an introvert and hence you need to strike a balance between socialising and interacting with people at work. Make sure you’re having enough of your ‘me time’  so that when you’re back at work, interacting with your colleagues won’t feel like such an onerous task. If you keep these things in mind, you are sure to smoothly navigate your way at the workplace. Also, just remember to take one step at a time. You can also read a few tips for women to succeed at a male-dominated workplace.

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