Entering A Progressive Society, This Couple Opts For Kunwardaan Alongside Kanyadaan!

Is sindoor only limited to the maang of a woman? Here is a couple breaking all stereotypes! 

Mahima Girotra
Sindoor on Groom Head

It’s hard to deny the fact that Indian weddings have some of the most orthodox customs and traditions that are not gender-neutral. From the feet washing ceremony to Kanyadaan and dowry, these patriarchal rituals are problematic enough to exist in current times when we endorse equality.

What Is The Viral Video?

A Gurgaon-based photographer couple, Nitin and Shanaya have been revolutionizing wedding photography to another level. Their Instagram page has been covering glimpses of all the weddings they have covered all over the world.

While they were busy covering a wedding, they came across a couple who was well in favour of introducing more concepts to their traditional marriage system. They wanted to bring equality, while some ‘pujas’ are done in favour of the girl, while some are in the favour of a boy.

They went on to create a reel on their Instagram which caught the eye of the public, making it a hit with about 304Kviews!

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Who Are The Newly Wed Couple?

The bride, Phalasha is a gender and health systems researcher while her now-husband, Shiv Verma is a vlogger and content creator. The couple tied the knot this year, 2022 and has been going viral ever since!

What Ceremonies Are They Introducing To Their Marriage?

The bride was all in to introduce the concept of putting sindoor to the maang of her to-be husband, kunwardaan as it is for a woman as ‘kanyadaan’ and the vidai ceremony that takes place by the end of the rituals.

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Reaction Of The Public

While the couple and the family were seen as extremely happy about the marriage and the ritual mixup, there were mixed emotions all over the internet as soon as the videos went viral.

The acts can be considered progressive, but there were certain things that pinched the public. One went on to comment ‘If they don't believe in Hindu rituals and traditions, they could have opted for court marriage or something else. Phir ye haldi, mehandi and all kyu? She should have asked his groom also to wear chooda. Big-fat Indian wedding bhi to chahiye in 'Papa Ki Pari' ko.’ while somebody else tweeted ‘She is not a typical Indian bride..she is a typical Indian hypocrite! Because despite not having any respect towards Hindu marriage traditions and rituals, she still chose to spoil them rather than going ahead with a simple court marriage.’

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