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    2 Women In Their 50s Went On An 8hr Scooter Ride To Shrivardhan, Shattering Stereotypes

    Women are often told not to travel alone. However, these two women in their 50s defied all the stereotypes when they planned a trip that involved riding a scooter for at least eight hours to reach their destination. 
    • Krati Purwar
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    Updated at - 2023-02-08,14:59 IST
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    A few days back, the Humans of Bombay shared a tale of friendship between two women on their Instagram. The story has gone viral since then because it was all about breaking stereotypes and taboos around ‘women can’t travel alone.’

    The two women in their 50s not only went on a trip, but rode a scooter for about eight hours to reach Shrivardhan in Maharashtra.

    A Plunge Into A Fun Trip

    women having fun on a trip

    Sadhna called her friend, Geeta, in 2022 asking if she would like to join her on a trip to Shrivardhan. The women had a group of about five to six people who initially agreed to go on the trip, but later, all backed out. 

    However, Sadhna and her friend still wanted to go on the trip and just took the plunge. It was not a big deal anymore that two women would go on a vacation. However, the issue was, “we were two women in their 50s,” and Geeta has an issue with slip disc.

    Sadhna’s daughters asked how would the two women manage everything on their way. Geeta’s elder son was also worried, but her younger son told her, “Ma, enjoy!”

    With high hopes and a zeal to have the utmost fun on their vacation, the women embarked on their journey. It was not possible for them to cover the distance in a single stretch, therefore, they took breaks in between. They stopped at a hotel so that Geeta could rest.

    40 Years Of Friendship

    The friendship of Geeta & Sadhna goes back 40 years when they met each other in the fifth grade. They clicked and became inseparable. Geeta shared with the Humans of Bombay, “It is easy to be friends with someone you see every day.”

    However, she pointed out that the real challenge begins when people part ways in life or start living in different cities. They got separated in 1986 when they were only 15. Much like any two friends (signs that your friendship is healthy), they also promised each other to stay in touch, but life always has other plans.

    Three years after their separation, Geeta heard that Sadhna was getting married. Soon, she also got married and moved to New Delhi. Before they could even comprehend the big shift in their lives, they got busy with their families, and 30 years passed. 

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    Reminiscing The Past

    friendship of women

    Geeta would often think about Sadhna when she would see schoolgirls giggling and laughing with their friends. In 2016, she got a hold of her number from a mutual friend and connected with her long-lost friend three decades later.

    Geeta confessed that instead of sharing what happened in their lives in the past years, they both cried. Since she was in Bombay (Mumbai) around that time, Sadhna’s husband dropped her at Geeta’s house the next day.

    The few years they were together passed by in a flick of a second. Since then, they used to call each other every day and talk about their kids, lives, husbands and whatnot. 

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    Trip Made Everything Better

    Geeta confessed to the Humans of Bombay that the trip to Shrivardhan made everything better for them. They participated in so many things they never thought they would do. The women in their 50s also crossed a jungle at 12 am.

    They met a family who told them they were being crazy travelling all alone this far, but they rebuffed every such advice and had loads of fun. Geeta said that more than the destination, it was the company during the journey that made her believe that everything would be fine from that point on. 



    Main Image Credit: Humans Of Bombay


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