Tips To Make Your Home Pleasant And Breezy During The Summer

Give your home a summer-friendly look. Here are some tips to make your home cool and breezy during the summers.

Alice Mary Topno
Tips To Make Your Home Breezy During The Summer

Many people experience summertime sadness as they struggle to cope with the extreme heat, whether outside or inside the house. Those of us who live in apartments, houses facing west, or on the top floor are familiar with the summer sun's wrath. Here are some tips to make your home/ room cooler in summer.

1. Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers

Get some fresh flowers for your home, they don't have to be expensive and place them in a vase in one corner or on the centre table. This will naturally make the room smell nice and give it that fresh, relaxed vibe we crave in the summer. To keep the house smelling fresh, turn on an incense burner for a few hours.

2. Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds

If you live in an apartment with a balcony, bamboo blinds can be used instead of normal blinds and curtains. They keep the space cold while also keeping it fresh and natural. Create a bamboo wall if your backyard or front yard is directly accessible from your living room to give the space an unusual and new aspect.

3. Dehumidifier

During the summer, use a dehumidifier in the room. The device does not cool the space, but it does help to reduce the excessive humidity that we see in India. If you have health problems, controlling the humidity in your home is a good idea. Dehumidifiers also remove musty odours and keep mould from growing in your home.

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4. Light Colored Curtains

Light Colored Curtains

Use light fabrics like cotton (Best Fabrics For Hot Summers) or linen for drapes and curtains. Use white, off-white, or pastel colours such as peach, mint, or turquoise. Allow circulation in the house by opening your windows early in the morning while it's breezy. Close the blinds when the sun rises above the horizon till sunset to keep the room cool naturally.

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5. Plants Indoors

Plants Indoors

Indoor plantsare always an excellent way to give a room a light and airy feel. Erica palms, snake plants, and money plants are excellent choices. They require very little upkeep and can go days without water. Indoor plants can also help with stress relief, productivity, and healing. Houseplants can help improve the quality of the air in your house.

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