No matter how much her baby grows up, a mother can never stop caring for him/ her. The only thing that changes with time is the way she starts bestowing her love. In an Indian household, a mother’s affection comes with loads of wisdom. But things become a little more interesting when the knowledge comes with a punch of humour and wit. One such Indian mom is Poonam Sapra, who has become a social media sensation by posting photos, wherein she can be seen holding up placards with relatable, funny, and sometimes serious messages written on it. 

Her page ‘Mother With Sign’ was started by her son, Pranav Sapra, around 8 months ago and in less than a year, her handle has garnered 1.1 million followers. They are not just popular in India, but the Delhi based son-mother duo is earning praises from all around the globe. The viral mom is a happy and positive person (how to stay happy & positive), and this is one of the reasons behind her popularity. In fact, during an interview with a media house, Indian Express, her son talked about her nature and explained how the page started. 


“I suggested the first few and you’ll notice they’re more like nags. The other motivational and happy ones were all her. She’s a super optimistic person in real life too so it all comes naturally to her. Now we’ve started spending our time together thinking of a few lines where I’m mostly just making it crisper while she gives me a mini-lecture. You know how moms love to give lectures,” he said. 

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“Idk what it's like but whenever I see your face that smile full of positivity, always makes my day rn too I am struggling a lot but whenever I go through your page it just really feels so good, much love,” a fan poured her heart out by penning this sweet message for her on one of her latest post about an online multiplayer battle game. There are many other fans who keep on sending her such awe-worthy personal texts, according to her son. 

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However, the viral mom was sceptical about posting photos and messages on social media in the beginning, but with a little promise from her son was enough to convince her. “I told her it will be fun, she smiled and said ‘okay’. Of course, it meant I stop irritating her and eat my dinner on time (healthy & easy dinner options) right after that chat was over, without which this would no longer be part of the deal if you know what I mean,” he revealed. 

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Poonam, who is full of enthusiasm and optimism is not bothered about followers on her page. The only thing that matters to her is spreading happiness. She even tells her son, “not care so much about the followers, what matters is how happy it makes people and us in the process,” said her son during the interview and added, “she’s overjoyed but genuinely grateful for all the love that’s being showered.” 

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