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    HZ Tried & Tested: The Hillcart Tales Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea Detailed Review

    Trying different teas is what I love and this time I tried The Hillcart Tales Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea and here is my review.
    Updated at - 2019-12-21,10:27 IST
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    Lover of teas and not the milk ones but black tea, Green tea, Blue tea and other different kinds, I got my hands on The Hillcart Tales Darjeeling Muscatel Tea and here is my detailed review of the same. 


    Known for its unique brightness, Darjeeling Muscatel is notably brisk. It is highly aromatic along with floral and spice flavours that make this copper-coloured liquor a perfect tea connoisseur's classic. A great tea to accompany meals with its autumnal taste, this afternoon tea is a rich-flavoured yet light-bodied that is best when enjoyed by itself but also goes well with milk and sugar.

    Main Ingredients

    (100%) Darjeeling Black Tea


    hillcart darjeeling tea packaging

    It is the packaging of products that lures us to buy something we may not even be in dire need of and this tea is one of them for me. I have a huge collection of teas otherwise but when I saw the packaging, I had to get my hands on one of the variants the brand has to offer. Since my black tea stock was getting over I thought why not try something new and thankfully I made the right choice.

    packaging tea two

    The boxing is sturdy and the wraps of the tea packed in nice tea bags is rather interesting. When you open the paper wrap which too has been designed in a fancy style like you can see in the picture, it has these cute little notes written on them, like a small one-liner which makes you feel good or gives you food for thought. 


    Buy Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea (tea bags) for Rs 240 from the brand's website.

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    It has a lovely musky fragrance with light floral overtones. I found it rather relaxing for my senses in the midst of a heavy working day.

    My Experience

    hillcart tea

    This tea tastes really good and it dure did relax me, but more than that it revived me for the rest of the working day. I like mine a bit strong so I let it steep for more than what is recommended. The brand suggests that you steep it at 100º C for 3 to 5 mins until the tea turns a sunset yellow with a hint of orange. Initially, it is the shade of light yellow but then slowly it becomes deeper. The transition of shades is beautiful to watch. 


    • Its 100 Darjeeling black tea
    • Presentable packaging
    • Good for gifting as well.
    • Relaxing whiff
    • Affordable


    None for me. 

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    My Verdict

    I will next try their loose leaves box as they have that as well for those who are not into tea bags.



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