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    Selfie Day 2020: Here Are Some Celeb Selfies Posted On Instagram For Inspiration

    Are you clicking the selfies right? Take inspiration from these poses posted by celebs on their Instagram accounts.
    Published -19 Jun 2020, 15:02 ISTUpdated -19 Jun 2020, 17:30 IST
    celebrity selfies

    In this new age of taking pictures and self-obsession visible across all platforms of social media, a selfie is something well known to the millennials. It is taken by any camera be it a phone camera or a digital camera in different poses where everyone shows off their latest looks, best features, and profiles. So here are a few poses that our Bollywood celebs have been flaunting and posting on their social accounts that can be of help to you while you are contemplating to click your next profile picture for Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and even your matrimonial websites, and dating platforms.

    The Genuine Smile

    genuine smile selfie

    Narcissism isn't a bad thing and a little vanity never hurts anyone. So go for a fully lit up smile and beat the blues while spreading your warmth. You look even more radiant than ever when you take a picture of you during your happiest moment. So click away!

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    Use The Sun

    sunny selfie

    Do you see how Krystle Dsouza's skin is glowing? It is not just because of her water intake and healthy diet but also the sun rays which are blessing her limbs. To break it down for you, make full use of the sun which you otherwise run away from. Slap on some sunscreen, make sure your face is covered by some roof or tree (to avoid pictures with you squinting) and let the sun rays bounce off your rest of the body. You will glow like any celeb does! 

    The Best Foot Forward

    best foot forward selfies

    Do you notice what is happening here? Rajkumaar Rao has put more focus on his legs which gives him a presumed height. He is not a shorty but this makes him look leaner and taller, and not to miss the swag. All you have to do is wear the best of your footwear, put a selfie timer on your phone, sit the way he is sitting and show off that confidence in you on your face. 

    Half Turns

    side turn selfies

    If you have a thin neck then this pose made my Dia Mirza and Kiara Advani would be perfect for you. This pose does not suit all so it is important that you practice the right angle at home. Just turn a little and make sure that whatever you are wearing or the design on your sleeves and back does not overpower your face. The colours should be subtle so that the focus goes only on your face. Here again, you will have to put a timer on your camera, find the right corner in the house and click.

    With The Camera, Lens In The Frame

    camera lens in hand selfie

    Via this pose with your digital camera or phone, you look more intense. Another fact is that you get to show off your gadgets as well. If your phone has a scratched back then get a nice phone cover that goes with your personality and click. I do recommend that look directly into the camera or in the mirror with your face titled upwards in case you have a double chin.

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    The Hand 

    the hand seflie

    This is one pose all models and actresses make at one point of time. Why? I am not sure but it does add a sense of glamour to your look. The catch is that you have to really practice and see which side of your face looks better and the placement is important definitely.

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    Open Mouth

    open mouth selfie

    Most of us commoners keep our mouth closed and smile but have you noticed that celebs keep their mouth slightly open? This is one trick a friend of mine taught me as well and it actually makes you look a little different. But it is important that you first practice how much the gap should be between your lips and exude confidence via your eyes. 


    accesories selfie

    If you have a new hat, cap, or any such accessory then this is the perfect way of showing it off. It not only adds to the glamour quotient but some sun hitting the edges of your belonging sure gives you a perfect selfie worth posting on Instagram. Kiara Advani here is also sporting really colourful earrings but that is upto you, how many objects you want in one frame.

    For more on taking selfies and cool accessories to add glamour to your look, stay tuned to HerZindagi.

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