Chhath puja is just around the corner and the devotes couldn’t keep calm. A couple of years ago the festival was mostly observed in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh and the Madhesh region of Nepal. However, with its growing popularity, the festival is now almost being celebrated throughout the country. 

While many seem to be in love with the prasad that is offered to everyone and anyone during the celebration, many are not well aware of its rituals, and significance. Chhath is basically one of the oldest Hindu festivals celebrated to please Lord Surya (Sun God) and Chhathi Maiya, who is said to be the sister of Lord Surya. 

When it comes to rituals, Chhath puja is observed for four days, wherein devotees take holy baths in the river, do fasting, and offer arghya to the sun, specifically during sunrise and sunset. They also offer prasad to surya dev that includes different types of fruits, handmade sweets and porridges. 


Besides the holy relevance, there is also the scientific significance of celebrating the festival of Chhath. While many are not aware of it, these are some interesting facts that make this age-old festival even more interesting! Some of those reasons are:  

Chhath Puja Prepares Body For Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion

If yogic philosophy is to be believed, the physical bodies of all the living organisms are a great source of energy channels. When it comes in the direct contact with solar radiations of specific wavelengths, the solar bio-electricity starts flowing in the body. For better functionality of mind and soul, we want to take in all these energies. 

When the physical and mental conditions of a body are in a specific state, the absorption and conduction of this solar-bio-electricity increases. This is what the Chhath puja prepares us for. The whole process and rituals allow cosmic solar energy infusion.

Chhath Puja Prepares Body For Cosmic Solar Energy Infusion

Helps In Absorption Of Vitamin D And Calcium

Our bodies need nutrition to survive and function in the best way possible. Deficiency of elements like calcium and vitamin D leads to bone problems and other diseases. 

While consuming their rich-food sources can help, worshipping the Sun in Kartik month allows the far better absorption of vitamin D, an element significant for calcium absorption. Since Chhath is celebrated during sunrise and sunset, one is likely to receive UVB rays. 

Improves Immunity 

Now more than ever all of us need our immune systems to work in the best possible way. Given the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus, a healthy immune system can keep us protected from the invasion of harmful viruses and bacteria. Other than eating immunity busting foods, also Chhath puja may assist. 

Improves Immunity

The festival’s rituals help the flow of blood, further allowing proper functioning of the body. Also, praying to the Sun God during the periods of sunrise and sunset allows obtaining optimum energy. All this along with fasting ensures detoxification of the human body making it stronger to fight diseases. 

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Chhath Is A Vedic Festival

Chhath Is A Vedic Festival

Vedas that are followed as the religious texts by Hindu devotees have utter importance. They are four in number, including the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda. Specifically, in Rigveda, there is a brief mention of hymns worshipping the Sun God (Katha of Chhath puja). Also, the rituals defined in it are somehow similar to the practices performed during Chhath puja.

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