Like Priyanka Chopra's hair? She takes extra care of her mane and here are few tips that could make your locks look as shiny and glassy as hers. Agnes Chen, Technical Head of Streax Professional, dolled out few important tips to HerZindagi for our brides-to-be that we hope you adhere to. 

Wedding season is here and there’s a lot of excitement in the air. With all the famous Bollywood weddings in town and the latest trends being displayed by the celebrity brides, women all over are glued to their screens taking inspiration for their perfect bridal look. However, to perfect the bridal look like Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma, preparation is the key. Right from clothes, to make up and most importantly hair needs to be taken care of and prepared for the big day in advance. Hair is referred to as the crowning glory, as it emphasizes and symbolizes beauty, style, and fashion.  

1. The first step to ensuring healthy hair is a good haircut that will help you get rid of your split ends. While you get a haircut to opt for a style that works for you and suits your bridal look. Depending on the accessories you plan to wear, get the cut and style that will support and enhance the look on your big day.

2. The texture of hair is most important, as it will not only make your hair look good but will also ensure that the hairstyle of your choice, sets well and complements your look. The basic requirement is to start by using the right shampoo, masque, and serum to give your hair a wholesome treatment.

haircare treatment bride to be

2. In addition, regular pampering and treatment are mandatory for healthy and lustrous hair. Indulge in regular hair spas and scalp ampoule treatments to keep your hair healthy and rejuvenated.

3. Most brides are opting for the urban bridal ensemble, jewellery, and hairstyle. For the glamourous contemporary bride, it is essential to add a few beautiful coloured highlights, in the latest ombre and balayage technique. Hair colours ranging from honey blondes to vibrant festive reds are in vogue this season.

4. If you are colouring your hair, do it a few days in advance so that you get used to the colour and be able to carry it with confidence. Make sure you indulge in post-colour care products so that the moisture is locked in and the colour is reinforced, making your hair look gorgeous and trendy.

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Follow these genius yet easy hacks and you will be the bride you always wanted to be!