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    5 Popular 2022 Songs That Served Misogyny Ultra Pro Max

    Like every year, 2022 also gave us some problematic songs.
    Updated at - 2022-12-09,17:43 IST
    sexist songs  misogyny

    My love for Bollywood is eternal. I am that complete 'filmy keeda' who can have conversations around dialogues, binge-watch movies all weekend, and gossip all day about B-towners and whatnot. However, the song lyrics break my heart every single time.

    It is very rare that I come across a Bollywood track that doesn't revolve around objectification, the male gaze, and outright sexism. For years now, audiences have been served with cringe-worthy songs with peppy tunes where our favourite, supposedly 'woke' celebrities continue to shake a kamariya.

    Sexist lyrics perpetually dent Bollywood's music scene and there seems to be no silver lining. This year too, multiple Bollywood songs left us thinking - “WHY????”

    Here are five problematic songs that left us cringing this year.


    thumkeshwari kriti sanon varun dhawan

    Babu Tu Bada Chep Hai

    Kuchh Hadd Se Hi Zyada Dil Phenk Hai

    Nigodi Teri Company Mein Haaye

    Meri Yeh Jawani Unsafe Hai

    (Man you are very clingy

    You are a philanderer who has no limits

    In your company

    I feel my youth is unsafe)

    Men drooling at the sight of the heroine, portrayed heavily through a lustful male gaze, is not something new in Bollywood. However, the innuendo-loaded lyrics degrade the women featured in the song further. Thumkeshwari was one such song. The song is messed up at multiple levels – the male gaze, the objectification, and the grabbing that passes as choreography, among others. Despite the fun beat, the song made us feel “unsafe”.

    Kya Baat Hai 2.0

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    Tere Lakk Toh Tu Lagda Karachi Di

    Fan Marjaniye Bugatti Di

    Dil Kare Tere Naal Banneya Ravaan

    Tere Jism Ch Khushbu Elaichi Di

    (Your waist hints that you are from Karachi

    You are a fan of Bugatti

    I feel like being tied to you

    Your body smells like cardamom)

    What elements make a good Punjabi song? Expensive cars, luxe locations, plush buildings, and a materialistic girl asking for lehengas, car rides, and Gucci bags among other things. Case in point: Kya Baat Hai 2.0, a Hindi version of Harrdy Sandhu's hit Punjabi track. Again, a series of hiccups here – women are characterised as materialistic, objects of seduction, reduced merely to a trophy to be desired. The danceable tunes don't justify sexism.

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    aafat sexist lyrics

    Jawani Teri Aafat

    Jawani Teri Aa Aa


    Chhod Do Chhod Do

    Chhod Do Mujhe


    (Your youth is calamity

    Your youth 

    Leave me Leave me)

    Shot at a beautiful beach location, Aafat received major flak for its lyrics. The lyrics describe the girl's jawaani (youth) as 'aafat' (calamity). On top of everything else, “'bhagwaan ke liye mujhe chor do”' is the song's hook phrase, a dialogue that has been heavily used in Hindi cinema by female characters as they were about to get sexually assaulted. This is not just the casual mocking, the song tries to normalise rape culture with the lyrics, which makes it problematic at a different level. 

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    Mud Mud Ke

    mud mud ke

    Teri 16 16 16 16 16 Ki Jawani Hai

    Main Tera Raja Aur Tu Meri Rani Hai

    Gaane Sunti Ho Tony Kakkar Ke Hey


    Ek Baat Batayein

    Yahan Hum Pighal Gaye



    (Your youth is 16 16 16 16

    I am your king, you are my queen, 

    You listen to songs by Tony Kakkar

    Let me tell you one thing, 

    I melted here)

    Starring Jacqueline Fernandes and Michele Morrone, Mud Mud Ke is all about a woman teasing a man with her dupatta, enticing him with her youth and whatnot. The lyrics are drenched in misogyny, making the whole song questionable. Another upbeat, catchy hit that lets down music enthusiasts. 

    Paris Ka Trip

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    Lembo Lumbo Kaali Legi

    Teri Behan Saali Legi

    Sone Di Dunali Legi

    Kya Legi Bol De
    (Will you take a black Lamborghini

    Your sister will take 

    Gold shotgun

    What will you take, tell me)
    Not surprisingly at all this hit song also suggests that expensive cars, and fancy holidays are enough to cajole a woman into falling in love with any guy. The track characterises women as money-oriented, and financially dependent in the ugliest way possible. Punjabi songs have been promoting themes like misogyny, stalking, and objectification for the longest time, so much so that they might even seem imperfect to audiences without these ingredients at this point.

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