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Photography Poses That Will Make Your Social Media Followers Go Crazy!

Try these photography poses if you want to up your social media game!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -07 Jul 2021, 10:27 ISTUpdated -07 Jul 2021, 12:39 IST
kiara advani instagramhow should girls pose main

Social media is an important part of our life today. No matter how much we deny it, what people think of us, how they react to our posts, and the number of followers we have on social media, all these things do bother us. While it is bad to get extremely affected by what people think of us, and consequently lose our individuality, a few changes here and there hurts no one. If you are someone who gets extremely affected by their social media game and currently are hitting a low point in the same, you might have cracked a jackpot with this article! Today, we are going to tell you how to pose in the photos that you post on social media. Mind you, these poses are not going to be the usual smile and show that you are happy in life kind of poses. These are the poses that are tried by some of the top-notch celebrities and have worked really well for them! So if you are ready to up your social media game, read below! Social media validation, here we come!

Kill Em With Cuteness!

cute alia bhatt pose for girls one

Image Credit: alia bhatt instagram

Are you someone who has been called cute since the age of 2 till date? No matter what you wear, what makeup you put, you will always receive the “aww so cute” complement and after a point, it gets kind of irritating, doesn’t it? Who said your cuteness can’t steal hearts? Put on the cutest and the most comfortable outfit, but trick people with your expression. Make an intense expression and be the fierce cutesy!

The Boss Lady

kiara advani best photograph pose one

Image Credit: kiara advani instagram

This look always works so be prepared for a huge number of likes on your social media with this one! Wear a dress with a solid colour. Patterns and designs ruin the boss lady vibe. Apart from this, make sure you are not slouching and drop the smile. Your expression here is not ranging anywhere from hot to beautiful, it is beyond. Who cares about hearts, you are here to conquer the world! 

Lost In The Wilderness

This pose is pretty easy to pull off but is a show-stealer! Go to a place that has greenery, wear a white dress that has absolutely no design on it. Keep your makeup on the bronze side and leave your hair free. You can also wear a thin tiara or one made with leaves. Place the camera on the ground and point its lens a little upward so it can capture your face. Walk from a distance and look at the camera like it is your prey. Have fierce eyes, an expression that almost qualifies for lustful, leave your hands free, touching a few leaves beside you will also work. Make sure you look like you are walking not just standing. Walk with the elegance of a lioness and let the camera capture you. 

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Queen Of Hearts

vidya balan best photograph pose on instagram one

Image Credit: vidya balan instagram

Every time we wear a traditional outfit we go around twirling and giggling like a princess. Why be a princess, when you can be a queen? Wear your outfit, put your chin up, eyes a little lower like you are looking down at the world, and a mild smile that is almost condescending. This may sound like we are asking you to be rude but this look will definitely work wonders on your social media handle. If you still don’t get likes, the only reason behind this can be that people got too intimidated by you! 

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The Monochromatic Mess

ananya pandey black and white beautiful photo one

Image Credit: ananya pandey instagram

When people think of monochrome they think of uniformity, stability, and sophistication. Thus, you would have noticed all the posts that go in black and white are usually very elitist. If everyone is doing the same thing then how is your pose going to stand out? Break the monotony with your monochromatic photograph and take the social media down with this pose! Open your hair, make them look messy(here is what you can do if your hair is short), make an expression that looks a little vulnerable, something that no one attempts in monochrome. Focus on just your face and put yourself out there with this one. 

Try these poses and be ready to soon become a social media influencer! For more such content, stay tuned to Her Zindagi!

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